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The Condor Axe flights collection offers players unparalleled ease and precision whilst you are throwing at the oche. The Condor Axe’s integrated one-piece stem and flight system provides superior balance and durability to help with more consistent and accurate throws. Used by PDC professional Jose De Sousa, the Condor Axe dart flights are fast becoming a popular choice in the darting world!

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Collection :Condor Axe

The Condor Axe range gives players unprecedented elasticity and durability, with these flights boasting a spring-like flexibility to help maintain a perfect 90-degree angle during play. The all-in-one unibody flight system also ensures that the shaft and flight do not separate, which provides players with a ‘zero stress’ setup with their darts.

Our collection of Condor Axe flights showcases a wide selection of unique designs and colours and in different flight shapes. These flights are also available in three stem lengths: short, medium and long, so there’s plenty of options to choose from in this range.

What is the Condor Axe?

The Condor Axe is a flight and stem integrated system, so instead of buying the flights and stems separately you have a flight and stem already attached together. A special premium resin is used to make these flights, which offer more flexibility than ever before, and with new technology patented by Condor.

There are several benefits to using an integrated flight system such as the Condor Axe. You’ll take less time setting up your darts as the flight and stem are already connected together, and it also means the flight and stem will not separate from each other during play too. The more serious players could also benefit from using Condor Axe flights as they allow for closer grouping in the trebles.

Flexible & Durable

The Condor Axe flights are made to have more flexibility, whilst at the same time providing players with unparalleled durability. This will benefit players as the stiff shaft will allow for more ways to group the darts close together.

These flights are at the higher price bracket, but the premium materials used to make these flights makes them a more durable option than many alternative brand’s flights and stems. The special premium resin these flights are crafted from means less breakage when your darts collide with each other in the board.

The Condor Axe’s are slightly heavier than the regular flights, with a small sized flight weighing 1.60g, compared to 1.42g for a small Condor original flight. The added extra weight also helps add to the durability of these flights.

Designed for Accuracy

The clear flights in this range, such as the Condor Axe Clear Standard Flights, are designed for accuracy. The transparency of these flights means that other darts already on the board won’t be as distracting when you’re throwing your next dart. You’ll still be able to see more of the target which is beneficial if you’re trying to group the darts together in one segment of the board.

The 2020 Grand Slam of Darts champion Jose De Sousa uses his signature Condor flights which have been designed to help improve the accuracy and stability of his darts in-flight. De Sousa threw an astonishing 81 180s during the 2021 Premier League Darts season whilst playing with Condor flights.


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