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Check out our huge range of steel tip dart points all designed to help take your game to the next level. On this page you will find some of the best steel tip dart points on the market including various options from well-established brands such as Unicorn, Mission and One80!

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The points in a set of steel tip darts play a crucial role in your overall performance. This is the part of the dart that enters the dartboard and keeps the dart stuck in. It is important to look after the points in your darts by keeping them sharp to help avoid bounce outs, which is when your darts fall out of the board. Check out our ‘How to Sharpen Your Darts’ guide and our collection of darts sharpeners.

It is also worthwhile having a spare set of dart points in case one of them breaks or you decide to change your points for a different style or length. Repointing your darts with new points is an easy enough task when using a repointing tool. Read our ‘How To Repoint Your Darts’ blog for step-by-step instructions on how to use a repointer.

The Best Steel Tip Dart Points

Steel tip dart points are a popular choice for players as they are known for their stability, durability and sharpness. These points are suitable for bristle dartboards and can accommodate a variety of playing styles, with many of the leading brands having designed points for players to use.

Unicorn and Harrows are included in some of the brands who have put in work to innovate their designs and elevate the darts experience for players. The Unicorn Volute range of steel tip points features a revolutionary CNC helix design, which helps the darts grip into the board more effectively and reduce the risk of darts falling out of the board.

Find a length to suit you

Dart points come in a range of different lengths with Darts Corner’s wide selection starting at 25mm and going up to 48mm. On this page you can purchase the points for your darts according to their exact length in mm, so you can choose the specific length you want for your points.

The length of points you pick for your darts can have an impact on our game. For example, if you find that your darts are not very stable in the board, you could try using a shorter point. This length of point can also benefit players who are looking to group their darts closer together.

A shorter point will reduce the overall length of the dart and therefore provides a different feel and balance during your throws. The standard length (32mm) is a popular choice for many players as it gives you a good balanced dart that suits a lot of styles.

Different styles to suit your game

Our wide range of steel tip points includes different styles to suit the personal preferences of every player. You can choose a point that is completely smooth or opt for one with grooves on the point, which some players favour more to help with their game.

A point with grooves near to the point will help your darts stick into the board better, whilst grooves at the rear of the point (closer to the barrel) is ideal for players who like to touch the point when they throw as it provides extra grip.

There is also a variety of colours to choose from, such as the traditional silver to options in black, gold, blue, bronze and even a rainbow colour. Add a personal touch to your darts with a set of personalised points, so you can engrave the word/s of your choice on the points of your darts and make them unique to you.

How do you replace dart points?

Repointing darts is something that players can do themselves or they can use a dart repointing service. Our expert team can repoint your darts for you from our site in Bolton for a small fee. Send the darts you want repointing to us via post and we will do the rest.

If you want to repoint your own darts, choose one of the dart repointing tools from our site and read our ‘How To Repoint Your Darts’ for everything you need to know about how to use the popular Mission R-Point Expert Hand Held Repointer.


Got a question about our range of steel tip dart points? Contact us here to speak with our customer services team who can help you with any queries relating to the dart points listed on this page. Our team can also help you with any concerns about delivery and returns.

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