Unicorn Dart Cases & Wallets

This collection of Unicorn Dart Cases and Wallets features the brand’s quality materials and well-known designs. A Unicorn dart case from this range will help you to store and carry your darts and accessories with you from game to game. You’ll also be able to keep your prized darts safe when you’re not playing.

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Collection :Unicorn Dart Cases & Wallets

Committed to Protecting Your Darts

Playing darts requires the right tools and equipment as well as the skills and practice. A Unicorn darts case from this range is the perfect choice for players to keep your darts safe and secure. This collection includes options in leather or fabric and will help you to carry your darts with you in style.

For players who like to bring a lot of accessories with them to matches, the Unicorn Ultra Large Dart Case has plenty of room to hold multiple sets of darts along with extra compartments for spare flights and stems. This case will give your darts complete protection whilst travelling to matches and competitions.

Expert Craftsmanship

With 80+ years of innovation and experience to their name, Unicorn is one of the most established brands in the darts industry. The brand is a household name in the darts world and over the years Unicorn’s sponsored players have won over 20 World Championship titles between them. Unicorn are dedicated to bringing quality products to players of all abilities and their cases and wallets are no exception.

A Unicorn dart wallet from this range is made with durable materials and is designed to withstand lots of travel and wear and tear. This is important for all players, from beginners to professionals and casual players to the more serious throwers, as a durable case will keep your darts in the best shape for your next match and last a long time. Using a darts case will also make sure your darts avoid getting dirty, splashed on or damaged when left out on display.

Style Meets Functionality

The Unicorn cases and wallets collection combines style and functionality with a range of unique and bold designs to choose from. The Unicorn Gary Anderson Ultra Player Dart Case is an example of this, featuring the Scottish flag on the front with the words ‘Gary Anderson The Flying Scotsman’ and the Unicorn logo, it will stand out from the rest.

With this case you can also neatly organise all of your darts equipment in one place, as there’s special compartments for your spare flights, shafts, tips and other accessories to be stored and protected. You can also store two sets of darts fully set up in this case, which is ideal if you’re playing with a friend who doesn’t have any darts as you can bring a spare set with you for them to play with.

Explore all Unicorn Accessories

Our range of Unicorn products extends beyond dart cases and wallets, with plenty of other accessories available that can be enjoyed by all players. The Unicorn brand is a great place to start for any darts enthusiast who wants to start or build out their collection.

Choose something from our Unicorn Dart Tools collection to experiment with your darts setup. Or why not try out lots of different flights and stems with one of our Unicorn Darts Accessory Kits? You’ll be able to test out flights and stems in various shapes and sizes to see what works best for you. Fill up your darts case with Unicorn Shafts and Unicorn Flights so you’ve always got spares ready when you need them.


A darts case is a great way to look after your favourite set of darts. Check out our ‘How To Care For Your Darts’ blog for more top tips on how to keep your darts in match-ready collection. Our ‘Top Darts Accessories’ blog also has a guide on more items to help up your game!

Got a question about our range of Unicorn cases and wallets? Use our contact us page to speak with our customer services team who can help with any queries relating to size, material or colour of the dart cases in this collection.

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Unicorn Dart Cases & Wallets Unicorn Dart Cases & Wallets