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Our entire range of Harrows darts shafts can be found in this collection with something in here for players of all abilities, from beginner and casual players to the professionals. With more than 50 years of history and innovation to their name, Harrows is one of the most trusted brands in the darting world and their selection of darts shafts offer a great combination of durability and performance to help improve your game.

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Collection :Harrows Shafts

Innovative design & technology

Harrows Supergrip Fusion shafts are a popular choice in this collection from Harrows. With an innovative design and grip-enhancing features, these shafts will help players to improve their control and stability during play and are ideal for those who like a firmer grip on their darts. The Supergrip Fusion shafts are available in several different sizes, including short, tweenie and medium, and in a whole range of colours and designs.

Harrows Carbon 360 shafts are another best seller with players as they feature a carbon top that will rotate if it hits another dart, which helps to reduce darts falling out of the board. These shafts are also available in short, tweenie and medium sizes and in different colours.

Bringing excellence to the game

Harrows has built a fine reputation in the darts world over the years and are known for the precision and quality in their manufacturing. Since being founded in 1973, the company has forged a legacy in the game with over 800 products in their range which are distributed to 100+ countries around the world.

Harrows shafts are known for their high-quality performance, being made from various materials such as carbon, polycarbonate and nylon, and in a number of different colours, meaning there is a suitable option for every player’s own preference.

Quality materials

Harrows have carefully selected the materials for their dart shafts to help enhance the game for players of all levels. For instance, the aluminium shafts in this collection are best known for their durability, being made from high-grade aluminium alloys, whilst also reducing the overall weight of your dart.

The nylon shafts in this range are both lightweight and flexible and will provide players with a robust and versatile addition to your darts equipment. The carbon shafts are also lightweight, but are very rigid, which will benefit players who are looking for a lighter option for their shafts whilst still keeping the strong and durable characteristics from other materials that are available.

Explore our range of Harrows darts equipment

Harrows Darts has adopted the slogan “Darts Technology” since the 1980s to illustrate their dedication to creating technically innovative products to help improve player performance.

The full Harrows collection can be found on Darts Corner, including their range of darts, all made using state of the art production equipment from their purpose-built factories in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. You can also customise your darts set up with something from our selection of Harrows darts flights and keep them in safe in one of these top-of-the-range Harrows darts cases.


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