Tweenie Dart Shafts

This collection of tweenie darts stems offers the ideal balance between compactness and stability. The length of a tweenie shaft is in between short and medium, which is what gives them their name! These shafts have been designed to provide a harmonious link between the barrel and flight and have been crafted from top-quality materials like nylon, aluminium and flexible plastics. A set of tweenie dart stems is a reliable asset to help enhance your darting experience.

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Collection :Tweenie Dart Shafts

Tweenie dart shafts are a popular choice for players. The length of a tweenie shaft is between 39mm to 42mm. This makes them ideal for players looking for a stem size which falls in between a short stem (33mm to 36mm) and a medium stem (44mm to 48mm).

A darts stem is a crucial part of the dart and switching to tweenie shafts could make all the difference. With a wide range of colours and materials to choose from, players of all levels are sure to find something that suits their style in this collection.

Should I use a tweenie length?

The length of stem you choose will have an impact on how your dart flies through the air. The stem size will also affect the weight distribution of the dart. For example, a short stem will make the dart more front weighted, which is a preferred option for front grippers/players who hold the dart at the front. A long stem will shift the centre of gravity towards the back of the dart, which is ideal for players who hold the dart at the back closer towards the stem and flight.

A tweenie stem is a suitable choice for players looking to make a slight adjustment to their darts and are currently using either short or medium size stems. If you’re using a short stem and want to move the centre of gravity further back, then a tweenie stem will achieve this. Players throwing with medium stems that want slightly more weight towards the front of the dart can opt for a tweenie stem to move the centre of gravity closer to the point.

The best tweenie shafts for your darts corner

Tweenie dart shafts are available in different materials, with the most common materials used being polycarbonate or nylon, along with aluminium, carbon and titanium being other options too. Titanium is a more durable material, whilst nylon is the more affordable option and replacement shafts can be purchased at a smaller price.

Harrows Supergrip Fusion range are one of our best sellers. Featuring an innovative design and grip-enhancing features, this range of shafts are available in a large selection of colours to cater for every player’s own personal preference. These stems are particularly suited for players who need extra grip as they will provide more control and stability during play.

Mission Sabre shafts are another popular choice and include a range of precision-crafted stems that have been designed to improve performance and accuracy. Made with polycarbonate to provide extra strength, the Sabre shafts are finished off with an aluminium fixed top which will tighten the grip of your flights. This is suitable for players who find their flights are constantly falling out of their darts and need something that will keep them firmly in place.

The darts stems the professionals use varies from player to player, with the likes of Michael Smith and Dirk van Duijvenbode opting for a medium stem, whilst Rob Cross and Nathan Aspinall are two of the top players who use a tweenie stem. It is worthwhile trying out different lengths of stems to find out what works best for your throw and style. Try out a Mission Stems Research Pack to experiment with your darts and browse our full range of darts stems.


Overwhelmed by our large range of darts stems? Take a look at our ‘How to choose a stem’ blog for an in-depth guide. You can also use our contact us page to get in touch with our customer services team who will be able to offer some assistance. Darts Corner’s team of experts are on hand to help with any questions you might have about our collection of darts stems.

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Tweenie Dart Shafts Tweenie Dart Shafts