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Show your love for the darts with pride! Darts Corner stocks a range of collectable darts pin badges which can be used to represent your favourite brand, a trophy for your darts night with your friends, your place within your own darts team or quite simply just your passion for the greatest sport on earth!

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Pin badges in darts have a long history with players often exchanging them in the spirit of camaraderie or to create a shared history. At the professional level in the PDC, darts badges and pins are an important symbol to celebrate the achievements of the players.

The PDC Nine-Dart Club recognises players who have thrown a nine-dart leg (the perfect leg in a game of 501) during a PDC tournament. A player who hits a nine darter in a televised tournament is awarded with a gold pin badge, whilst players who throw a nine-dart finish in a tournament away from the TV cameras will receive a silver pin badge. The full list of players in the PDC Nine-Dart Club can be found here.

Celebrate your team!

Dart badges can also be used to celebrate teamwork and the best players in your local/pub league. The Designa Stars Winner Pin Badge can be used to celebrate a great individual performance in your darts team, whilst the Designa Banner Captain Pin Badge can be given to the team captain to wear on their darts shirt when representing the team.

A pin badge can also be given as a gift to any darts player or fan and our range of badges feature in our darts gifts collection. If you are wondering what to buy the darts lover in your life, our selection of darts gifts can give you some suggestions which cater for all kinds of budgets.

Accessorise your kit

A darts badge can be used to accessorise your darts equipment. For example, you can put one on the front of your darts case, which are also well stocked at Darts Corner. A pin badge is also a good way to easily identify your case if you are at a venue where there is a lot of cases that all look similar. 


Got a question about darts pin badges? Use our contact us page to chat with one of our experts in customer services. Our team can give you some advice if you are not sure which pin badge is the most suitable for your needs. If you are buying one as a gift, our team can help with any queries you might have.

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