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Whether darts is just your hobby or if it means everything to you, elevate your game with our Mission Darts shafts collection. These shafts (also known as stems) have all been precision-engineered to provide players with peak performance whilst on the oche. This range features the Mission Sabre and Mission GripLock shafts and includes options to suit every player with different materials, colours and sizes to choose from.

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Collection :Mission Shafts

Mission Darts has made a big impact in the world of darts with its unrivalled range of quality products, with the brand committed to finding innovative ways to make the best darts equipment for players of all abilities.

Finding the right equipment can be integral to performance and the Mission dart shafts collection is a popular choice for players. This selection of shafts includes options in polycarbonate, nylon and aluminium, and in various colours and sizes, so there is something for everyone to use with their favourite set of darts.

Popular Mission Shafts

The Mission Sabre range is one of our best sellers as these shafts are made of strong polycarbonate and matched with an aluminium core and fixed top, which enhances the grip of your flights. These shafts are available in four sizes (short, tweenie, tweenie plus and medium) and in a choice of different colours.

To stop your dart flights from being loose, the Mission GripLock collection is the answer with these shafts including Mission S-Lock machined aluminium rings to help keep a tight grip between the flight and shaft. These nylon shafts come in three sizes (short, tweenie and medium) and are also available in a variety of colours.

Are Short or Long Stems Better?

Are short or long stems better for darts ultimately comes down to player preference. A short stem will shift the centre of gravity towards the front of the dart, which is ideal if you hold the dart closer to the front (near the point). A long stem will move the centre of gravity towards the rear of the dart, so is likely to be more beneficial for players who hold the dart at the rear (closer to the shaft).

A dart stem can influence the dart overall and how it travels through the air and lands in the board. The material of stem you choose can also make a difference, as the different materials will all weigh differently and can affect the trajectory of the dart too. Check out our ‘How To Choose A Darts Stem’ blog for some tips on choosing the right setup for your darts.

Mission Accessories

Beyond this collection of Mission dart stems, the brand also stocks a wide range of top quality and innovative accessories to help improve your game. The Mission Darts Accessories collection includes a number of accessory kits, which is ideal for players wanting to experiment with lots of different equipment to find out what works best for them.

You will also find a selection of Mission Mystery Boxes, at various price points, all of which offer excellent value. A mystery box is full of darts goodies and can be customised to meet your own requirements, as you can choose the weight of darts and shirt size you want included inside.

Not sure what to purchase from our range of Mission Shafts? Speak to our expert team in customer services via our contact us page. Our team can help answer any questions you might have related to any of the shafts on this page and specific concerns on delivery and returns.

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