Dart Flight Punches

Our dart flight punch collection can elevate your darts game by providing an extra secure grip between the flights and shafts of your darts. A darts flight punch is important for fine-tuning your equipment and in this range you will find top-quality options from a variety of well-known brands. Pick up a dart flight hole punch from this page with a wide choice of designs to choose from to add to your darts kit.

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Collection :Dart Flight Punches

A flight punch in darts allows players to have a stronger connection between the flights and shafts of their darts, meaning they are less likely to separate during play. Use the flight punch to create a standard size slot into the tip of each flight, which is where a darts ring will be placed to help give a tighter hold when inserted into the shaft.

Players who flight punch darts will find that it helps to keep the flights in place and minimises the number of times they fall out in a match or during practice. A flight punch is the ideal addition to your darts kit to give you a solid flight and shaft setup ready for the next time you play.

Pocket Size Punches

There are several different flight punches available in this range with options from leading brands such as Harrows, Datadart and Unicorn. The Mission F-Lock Pro Flight Punch is a popular choice from this range as it comes in six different colours, so you can choose the colour that best fits your own personal style.

One of the best things about a flight punch is its size, with them being pocket size it makes them extremely portable and perfect for taking with you in your darts kit if you are travelling to play darts.

Explore Dart Tools at Darts Corner

Along with flight punches, Darts Corner stocks a wide range of darts tools to help players fine tune their equipment. If you are using a flight punch, you will need a set of darts rings to fit in to your flights to make them secure in the shafts of your darts.

Using darts tools will ensure your darts are always in the best shape and will help to elevate your game. Our range of tools includes darts repointers and shaft extractors.

Need some help picking a dart flight punch tool from this collection? Contact us and chat with Darts Corner’s expert customer services team. Our team can offer their advice and help with any queries relating to delivery or returns and any other additional questions you might have.

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Dart Flight Punches Dart Flight Punches