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With more than 80 years of innovation and experience to their name, Unicorn Darts is one of the most famous and popular darts brands in the world. Unicorn’s players have used Unicorn Darts to win 20+ World Championship titles, and the wide range of darts products that they carry are enjoyed by players of all abilities around the world. Take a look at our full range of Unicorn products available.

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Why choose Unicorn darts?

Unicorn has become a household name in the darts world with its innovative range of products. Starting off with the ‘Silver Comet’ dart in 1937, the brand’s popularity has grown from strength to strength to the current day where they offer a vast choice of different designs and styles all at varying price points.

Their extensive range of Unicorn steel tipped darts includes the Unicorn Maestro and Unicorn Code collections, which are premium sets of darts that come in a presentation box to display. Unicorn also offers a choice of brass darts at a lower price point for new and casual players who are looking for their first set or want to see what dart design suits them.

Unicorn’s long history in darts makes them different to other brands; they have been prevalent at the highest level, acting as the official dartboard supplier of all televised PDC events between 1997-2022 and at hundreds of professional events globally. The Unicorn Eclipse Ultra Dartboard is just one of their tournament quality boards that was approved by the PDC during their 25-year partnership together.

Which Unicorn darts are right for me?

The more popular Unicorn ranges include the Unicorn Protech collection, which come in four different styles, and for steel tip and soft tip. These darts combine a stylish look of 90% tungsten with plenty of grip on the barrel.

If you want to try something a little bit different, check out the Unicorn Swytch range. This selection of darts features a unique barrel that has been specifically engineered to be used either way round, so you can try throwing them with two different styles! These are perfect if you are experimenting with what you like to throw!

If you are a player who prefers a lot of grip with your darts, then the Unicorn Ballista could be the choice for you. This range features several different darts, all made of 90% tungsten, and with extra grip provided by the Extreme Hex Grip applied to the barrels.

Unicorn offers several different collections of darts to cater for all players. The Unicorn Core and Core Plus range consists of an affordable choice of brass and 80% tungsten darts, while the Unicorn Contender series are all made of 90% tungsten and are specifically designed to cater to aspiring players looking to hone their skills. The Unicorn Heritage range is a premium line of darts that pays tribute to the brand's rich history and longstanding legacy in the world of darts.

Unicorn also provides equipment for many of the star names in the world of darts. Check out our collection of products for Gary Anderson, James Wade, Ross Smith and Seigo Asada, which includes their signature darts, flights and cases and be as prepared as your favourite player for when you get to your next match!

Other Unicorn products

The extensive range of Unicorn products can be enjoyed by players of all abilities. A Unicorn Striker Home Darts Centre is the ideal starter kit for beginners. This kit includes a dartboard, cabinet and two sets of brass darts to complete your own darts setup at home. Take a look at the full range of Unicorn dartboards, which includes the Eclipse boards for the more serious player looking for a professional standard board.

Complete your set of darts by choosing from our huge collection of Unicorn flights, Unicorn stems and Unicorn steel tip points and keep your favourite arrows safe inside one of our Unicorn darts cases and wallets. Why not try out a range of different flights and stems with one of our Unicorn Darts Accessory Kits to find what works best for you?


Not sure what to purchase from our Unicorn Darts collection? Use our contact us page to get in touch with our customer services team. Our team of experts will be able to help answer any questions you might have relating to Unicorn products and specific concerns on delivery and returns.

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