Brass Steel Tip Darts

Explore the essence of tradition and precision with our brass steel tip darts collection. Tailored for players who appreciate a classic touch, a brass dart is much more affordable than a tungsten dart and is ideal for beginners and casual players, with an enriching dart-throwing experience guaranteed every time.

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Collection :Brass Steel Tip Darts

Brass barrel darts are a popular choice for players as they are made of durable materials and still offer exceptional accuracy and consistency at the oche. The brass darts for sale in this range feature slightly thicker barrels compared to tungsten darts, but brass dart barrels will also last a long time and are built for frequent use by players of all abilities.

What’s the difference between brass and other materials?

One of the main differences between brass and other materials is the density of each material, and how it translates to the size of the barrels. Tungsten is a highly dense material which will give you a heavier dart but without the mass of a brass or nickel-silver equivalent of the same weight. As a result, a tungsten dart barrel will be slimmer and smaller in diameter than a brass barrel.

Whilst a brass barrel will be thicker and will cover more of the target you’re aiming for, there are some advantages to using this type of material with your darts.  Brass darts are light and inexpensive, which makes it a popular choice for newcomers looking to try out the game for the first time. The thicker barrel will also be easier to grip for beginners too as you’ll have a larger surface area to grip hold of and make the dart feel comfortable in your hand.

Should I use brass darts as a beginner?

Heavy brass darts are the ideal choice for beginners as they’re an affordable option for players who are just starting out on their darts journey. A brass dart is durable, built for long-lasting performance and will not break the bank.

For newcomers to darts looking to complete their setup with affordable options, the Unicorn Striker Dartboard offers great value for money. The Striker Dartboard is a PDC-endorsed board with high quality round wire construction and is recommended for players looking for an entry-level dartboard to start off with.

Our bestselling brass darts?

Harrows Vivid Darts are one of our best-selling brass darts. This dart is available in different weights to suit a wide range of players and comes with a set of Harrows flights and stems, giving you a full setup to get playing with straight away. The Vivid Darts also come with a slimpack case, so you can store your darts away and keep them safe when they’re not in use.

Designa Mako Darts are another popular choice at Darts Corner. They are available in various weights, shapes and colours for players of all styles and tastes. The Electro Brass Silver darts are equipped with a shark grip, offering players with plenty of grip to get firm control of the darts. This set also comes with a spare set of Designa flights, so you’ll have spares ready to use when you need them.


Need some help choosing from our sets of brass darts? Read our ’How to choose the best darts for beginners blog for some helpful advice for newcomers looking for advice on picking a set of darts. Our ’How to choose the best darts weight for your style guide also has some useful tips on deciding the right weight of dart for you.

Still not sure what are the most suitable brass darts to go for? Use our contact us page and speak with our customer services team who can help you with any questions you might have about our wide selection of steel tip darts.

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Brass Steel Tip Darts Brass Steel Tip Darts