Darts Grip: Wax, Rosin & Chalk

Make sure you have got the best grip on your darts with our top range of wax, chalks and other products. Whether you prefer rosin, chalk or wax, we have everything you need to improve your grip and have you playing your best each and every time with options from top brands including Mission, Bull’s NL and Designa.

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Collection :Darts Grip: Wax, Rosin & Chalk

A good grip of your darts is important as it will improve your aim. Using one of the options from this page helps to ensure that your fingers do not slip when holding the dart in your hand. If you have moist hands when you are playing, then a darts grip wax is a necessity for your darts kit.

It is all up to personal preference when it comes to which darts grip aid you use, which is why the brands stocked at Darts Corner have made a variety of innovative products to improve your darting experience.

Darts grip perfection from your favourite brands

Our range of dart grips includes some innovative products from brands like Designa and Mission. The Designa Super Power Grip Bag is a convenient choice as you simply hold it in your hand and fingers for a few seconds and the bag will absorb any moisture from your fingers. The Power Grip Bag comes in five different colours and is also available in different shapes, such as a Power Grip Ball.

The Mission GripLock Sport is another option for players seeking grip perfection with their darts. This is a long lasting grip liquid which is suitable for a range of sports, including darts. Apply a small drop of liquid to your fingers and it will prevent moisture from building up for up to four hours.

Darts grip wax

A dart wax is a popular accessory for players to use as it helps to better grip the dart in your hand. The Mission Grip Wax is one of our best sellers and comes in six different colours, so you can choose the one that suits your style the best. This wax can be kept in your pocket if preferred and to use it you simply rub the wax onto the fingers of your throwing hand to help with your grip.

The Designa Finger Grip Wax is another popular choice from this collection and is available in 10 different colours. This wax comes in the shape of a dart flight and will aid your dart grip during play. A dart wax can also be stored away in your dart case when you are not using it.

Dart Rosin

Some players prefer to use a dart rosin instead of a wax to help improve their grip of the dart. The Forrest Darter Rosin is one of our favourites in this range and is used in a similar way to a wax by rubbing the pack on your fingers.

A dart rosin works by absorbing the moisture and oils from your skin and creates a tacky surface, which provides you with a better grip. It also helps to reduce friction between the skin and the dart, allowing for a smoother and more controlled release when you throw. This type of grip aid can work for players who have cold and dry fingers, as well as sweaty fingers.

Darts Chalk

A darts chalk is another great option for players who are seeking more grip and control of their darts. Moisture on your fingers can cause the dart to slip during release, so using a chalk will help to absorb the oils and give you a more secure grip.

The Forrest Darter Chalk is an aid which will help you to grip darts better and can also work in improving your accuracy and consistency when throwing. This chalk is made of a fine, powdery substance that is applied to the fingers before you play.

How can I improve my darts grip?

A darts wax or grip from this page will help to improve your overall performance and provide you with better control of the darts in your hand. It is worth experimenting with the different types of grip aids to see what works best for you. Some players will prefer to use a wax and keep it in their pocket, but others might find a chalk or liquid solution is more suitable for their game.

Darts Corner stocks a large range of darts accessories to help improve your darting experience. Read our ‘Beginners Guide To Darts Accessories’ blog for a closer look at all of the different products available.


If you are unsure about which darts grip aid is right for you, then use our contact us page and speak to our expert team in customer services. We can help with any information you might need about returns or delivery, as well as any queries about anything Darts Corner.

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Darts Grip: Wax, Rosin & Chalk Darts Grip: Wax, Rosin & Chalk