Darts Mats With Oches

Marked with accurate throw lines, professional logos and made from high quality, heavy-duty materials, our range of dart mats are a necessity for a good quality darts setup. Choose from any of our non-slip, versatile darts mats and keep every game of darts fair and professional when you step up to the oche. Browse our full collection of dartboards and ensure your darts corner is fully equipped with the best products.

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Why use a darts mat?

An oche (throw line) is essential for players who often practice or play games. These darts mats are marked out with the official tournament oche measurements, so you can easily make sure you are throwing from the correct distance.

Using a dart oche mat can also protect your floor from any damage if any of your darts fall out, as it will cover the area directly in front of your board. If you are playing in a room with a hard floor, a mat will also prevent the tips of your darts from breaking as they will land on a carpet or rubber surface, protecting your darts and the floor underneath from being damaged.

A dart mat with a raised oche, such as the Unicorn Lightweight Raised Oche and Dart Mat, is the ideal choice if you want a more professional setup. This mat features a built-in raised oche so you can put your foot against a raised toe line, like the professionals do, which lends itself to more consistent play.

Many of the darts mats can also be rolled up and put away when not in use. This also makes them very portable, so you can easily transport your darts mat to wherever it needs to go!

Different oche options

Darts mats come in different types of material such as rubber or carpet. A rubber dart oche mat is more commonly used in tournaments and in pubs; they are made of a sturdy material and can cope with a lot of use over a long period of time.

One of the features of a rubber darts mat is that it is designed to be non-slip and they attach well to a hard floor. This type of mat does not fold over and is easy to clean, while a carpet dart mat will look nicer and is easier to move.

A dart floor mat made of carpet is more suitable for home use, or where a nicer look is required. This type of mat will often have a cool design on it and will add a touch of professionalism to your home set up, compared to a rubber darts mat. A carpet darts mat will need vacuum cleaning to keep it clean, which is why it is preferred for home use where it is less likely to get dirty than if it was in a public setting.

Features to look out for

A key feature of a darts floor mat is that they all come with a measurement printed on the mat of where you should be throwing from. This throw line is known in darts as the ‘oche’ and the official measurement for professional steel tip tournaments is 2.37m.

Some mats will also display additional throw lines for other versions of darts, such as soft tip, so if you play different games, check it has the right measurements. This feature makes sure you are always standing at the right distance from the board.

Darts mats come in different widths, so you can choose the one that will fit in the space you have for your oche to go. The Shot T-Mat comes in a T-shape and will cover a larger area of the floor in front of your board, which makes it an ideal option for beginners.

Round off your darts corner and give it a more professional setup by choosing from our selection of darts cabinets, dartboard surrounds and dartboard scorers.


If you are unsure about which dart mat is right for your style or level of play, speak to our customer services team via our contact us page. We can help with any information you might need about returns or delivery, as well as any queries about buying a dart board mat as a gift for a loved one.

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Darts Mats With Oches Darts Mats With Oches