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Throw and play like a professional with any of our top-quality range of professional dart boards available at Darts Corner. Our professional dartboard range includes leading brands like Unicorn, Mission and One80, all made from high-quality Sisal to provide players of all levels with strong foundations for a game of darts. Browse our complete selection of dartboards available to purchase today.

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What makes a professional dartboard?

A professional dart board will be made with staple-free construction, which means there are no staples in the board. A staple-free board is a wise choice for the more serious players that are looking to improve their game, as no staples getting in the way means less darts falling out of the board.

You should also look out for a board that meets with competition requirements. A dartboard used in professional tournaments will be made of high-quality Sisal material, so it will offer you more durability during play and last a long time. A recreational dartboard will be a less expensive option and more ideal for beginner and casual players. These dartboards will be made of materials that are not as premium, and as a result the fibres on the board are not as tightly compact and will show signs of wear and tear more quickly.

A recreational board will also have a number ring that is not removable, as opposed to a professional dartboard where you can remove the number ring and easily rotate your board to help you prolong its life and throw again at a ‘fresh’ treble 20.

Official tournament dartboards

The Winmau Blade 6 is the official dartboard of the PDC, with their Triple Core dartboard from this range used in all official PDC professional tournaments. This board offers outstanding durability and performance with its ultra-thin wires helping to maximise the scoring potential for players. The Blade 6 also features a rota-lock levelling system, which provides a unique triple-wheel lock and level system that enables you to quickly fix the board to the wall.

The Unicorn Eclipse Ultra Dartboard is another tournament quality board with the PDC’s approval during their 25-year partnership from 1997-2022. This board includes a new radial wiring system with super-thin bullseye wiring, which has been designed to reduce the number of darts falling out and also increase your chances of hitting big scores. The Eclipse Ultra dartboard is made of ultra-Sisal material and is a Unicorn board made of the highest quality.

A Mission Samurai Infinity Dartboard is a great, lower cost alternative that is still a premium product in this collection. This board is made with a softer and more receptive Sisal compaction and ultra-thin wire construction, as well as Vivid Deeper Printing and non-fade colours to keep the board looking newer for longer.

Popular brands

Mission and One80 are amongst the leading brands known for making some of the best professional dartboards. The Mission Samurai II Dartboard is made from high-quality African Sisal and with ultra-thin wires, making it the perfect choice for any serious players. Mission is also the official dartboard supplier for the UKDA and SDA – two of the top darts organisations in the UK – and is used by thousands of players in official competitions.

The One80 Gladiator 3+ Dartboard is another popular choice and offers great durability for players. This board is approved by the WDF – the governing body of darts – and made of high-grade Kenyan Sisal. Its staple-free construction and thin wiring system increases the scoring area, which improves your chances of hitting big scores during play.

A professional darts set up

Darts Corner stocks several accessories to complete any setup with any of the dartboards in this collection. Choose something from our lighting collection to help light up your dartboard so you can see every bullseye and 180.

Pick up one of our surrounds to protect your wall from being damaged with any stray darts that go off target. A surround easily fits around a standard bristle dartboard and will also provide a much cooler backdrop to your board than just a plain wall. Or if you prefer, go with one of our cabinets to keep your dartboard safe in style and show off a cool design on the front of the cabinet when you’re not playing.

If you need a darts setup whilst on-the-go and away from home, one of our travel stands is the perfect solution. With a darts stand you can quickly put up your dartboard wherever you are and then take it down when you’ve finished playing.

Read our ‘How to create the ultimate home darts setup’ blog for some useful tips on what to buy for your darts setup at home.


Not sure about which dartboard is right for you? Check out our ‘Dartboard buying guide’ for a more in-depth look at the various options available. You can also use our contact us page to speak with our team of experts in customer services. We can assist you with any information you might need relating to returns or delivery, as well as any questions about buying a dartboard as a gift for a loved one.

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