A dartboard surround is the ideal way to easily protect your walls from those throwing mishaps and are especially useful for new players or young
players. Darts Corner carries a huge range of dart board surrounds suitable for players of all levels. Manufactured from a range of lightweight, yet
heavy-duty, materials, and in a variety of colours and designs, they will keep those stray darts from ruining your walls and keep your darts matches fun. Whether you are kitting out your ‘man cave’ or matching to your team’s colours, our dartboard surrounds will do the job.

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What does a dartboard surround do, and do I need one?

A dart board surround, like the name suggests, “surrounds” your dartboard and protects your wall from being damaged with any stray darts that go off target. A surround comes in a rubber ring shape and is easy to install, as it simply clamps around a standard bristle dartboard with no fixings required as part of the setup.

There are many pros to adding a darts surround to your setup, even if you are a more experienced player who is unlikely to miss the board. We have a huge selection of surrounds available in different colours and designs, which means there are many customisable options when choosing a design that you like. A surround of your choice will provide a much cooler backdrop to your dartboard than just a plain wall!

Finish off the look of your darts setup with one of our toeline oches, so you can make sure you are throwing from the correct distance. You can add a dartboard light to help show off your new surround, and check out our range of dartboards and complete your own darts corner today!

Types of dartboard surrounds

Darts Corner has a large range of dartboard surrounds, including top brands like Mission, Designa and Unicorn, in a variety of different colours and designs that all offer protection for your walls from stray darts.

Show your support for your favourite team with a surround from our growing range of officially licensed football and NFL team surrounds. Or why not back your favourite darts player with something from our selection of Mission player dartboard surrounds? This range is made from a high-quality flexible polymer and is engineered to be extremely durable. It will fit tightly around the dartboard and does not require any additional fixings.

Make your dart board your own with a personalised surround

For that truly personalised look, why not choose one of our personalised dartboard surrounds to meet your exact requirements? A custom surround will not only protect your darts, but it’s a great choice as it will be personal to you as you can pick the colour, design and text you want to go at the top and bottom of the surround.

Darts Corner are a specialist in personalised darts equipment and have a huge range of products you can customise. For the ultimate darts setup, choose one of our plain surrounds or a surround with a design or pattern on and customise it by adding the text of your choice at the top and bottom. Complete your darts setup at home or in your local pub with a darts surround ring that is personal to you.


Do you have a question about dartboard surrounds? Contact us to speak with one of our customer services team at Darts Corner who can assist you with any help or advice if you are unsure on the surround to go for. If you are buying a dart surround as a gift for someone, our team can help with any queries you may have.

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