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Explore the full range of dartboard accessories available at Darts Corner, including all the essentials you need to get your board up on the wall and ready for action! This collection features products from well-known brands including Mission, Unicorn and Shot, so you’ll find the perfect accessories to create the ultimate dartboard setup!

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Collection :Dartboard Accessories

Elevate Your Dartboard Setup

A good dartboard setup is important for good gameplay as it can help your practice and matches flow better and make it more entertaining. A Mission Retractable Dartboard Measure is an excellent accessory to help set up your darts space at home. This tape measure has been specifically designed for darts and is a simple way to easily make sure your dartboard is at the right height and that you’re throwing from the correct distance.

The Mission Leveller Pro is another useful accessory for setting up your dartboard. Its fixing pin can be easily attached to the dartboard and the spirit level ensures your board is perfectly level and the 20 segment is in the right spot.

Easy Installation

The accessories in this collection will help you to easily install your dartboard. Unicorn EVA Wedges are useful for securing your board in place and help to stop it moving during play. Use one of our professional dartboard brackets, such as the Designa Dartboard Wall Bracket, to set your board up on the wall. With this bracket you can also easily rotate your dartboard to make it last longer.

Regularly rotating your board is one way of looking after your dartboard. Read our ‘How To Care For Your Dartboard’ blog for more tips on prolonging the life of your board. Check out our ‘How To Hang A Dartboard’ guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your board at home.

Dartboard Maintenance

This range also includes accessories that will help with dartboard maintenance in case anything needs replacing. We stock dartboard number rings and LED replacement strips, which are a cost-effective way to maintain your current darts setup.

If you’re looking to further enhance your darts setup at home, Darts Corner has other collections that will offer you great solutions, including our ranges of lighting, surrounds and electronic scorers. A dartboard light will brighten up your dartboard and ensure you can clearly see every treble 20 that you hit, whilst a surround will protect the walls around your board in case you have any stray darts that go off target. An electronic scorer can help you easily keep score of your matches against your friends and family.


Check out our top picks for darts accessories to really up your game. If you need some advice on our dartboard accessories range, use our contact us page to chat with our expert customer service team. We can also help with any questions you might have about delivery or returns.

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