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Keep your dartboard safe in style! Shop our dartboard cabinets range to take your darts setup to the next level! Our collection of high-quality cabinets features a wide choice of stylish designs, from the badge and colours of your favourite soccer and NFL team to unique artwork and timeless designs from leading brands like Mission and Unicorn.

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The Perfect Addition

A darts cabinet is the perfect addition to a home setup and has many benefits for players of all abilities. The cabinet will help protect the walls and also keep your board safe and secure.

A dart board with cabinet doors opened up will reveal a scoreboard on either side, so you will be able to easily keep score whilst playing against your friends in a game of 501 or cricket.

A cabinet is a stylish way to cover your dartboard up when you are not playing darts. When the doors close to hide away your board you can show off a cool design on the front of your cabinet.

Read our ‘How To Fit A Darts Cabinet’ blog for a step-by-step guide on fitting a dart board cabinet at home.

A Design For Every Player

Elevate your home darts setup with a cabinet and choose from our vast selection of different designs available at Darts Corner, including options from Stormtrooper and Alchemy. Our collection now includes a growing list of officially licensed football and NFL teams. Show off your support for your favourite football club with a cabinet that has their badge and colours on it, with Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and many more teams included in our range.

Why not take a more classic approach with something like a Jack Daniels cabinet or one of our Mission Deluxe Quality Cabinets in our plain cabinet range? The darts cabinets in this collection come in a wide variety of colours with different brands putting their own stamp on them. 

If you are after something a bit different, why not explore the Ruthless cabinet range. Ruthless has brought out a range of cabinets in a square shape design, instead of the classic shape with the curved doors on the front of the cabinet. The designs also stand out, with animals, graffiti and different colour options available on the front of the cabinets.

Dartboard and Cabinet Set

This collection also includes our home darts centres – the easiest way to get a full darts setup in place at home! If you are looking for dart boards in cabinets, a home darts centre includes both of these items, along with one or two sets of darts to start playing with.

Our range of home darts centres includes options from leading brands like Unicorn, Shot and Mission. The Shot Michael Smith Dartboard Cabinet Set is a popular choice for fans of the 2023 PDC world champion

Take a look at our ‘Ultimate Home Darts Setup’ blog for some top tips on how to create the best darts setup in your own home.


Got a question about dartboard cabinets? Contact us and speak with our expert customer service team, who can help you if you are unsure on the most suitable cabinet for your needs. If you are buying a dartboard and cabinet set as a gift, our team can help with any queries you might have.

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