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Looking to up your game and get to the next level? Bring that extra edge and accuracy to your game with our selection of training dartboards. A darts training aid is perfect for both beginners and pros and will help you improve your practice sessions and bring more consistency to your game. Pick up a high-quality training dartboard on this page from brands including Viper, Bull’s NL and Unicorn!

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Training dartboards are designed to help improve your skills at darts with the doubles and trebles made smaller, so they are more difficult to hit. The theory is that once you can start hitting the doubles and trebles on a trainer board then it will be easier to hit them on a standard dartboard.

A dart training aid like one of these dartboards will enhance your practice routines as you will be aiming for the narrower double and treble segments, which will help you to improve your precision in hitting these crucial targets in actual matches.

How you can improve your darts aim

Aspiring dart players need a training dartboard as it will help them to improve their skills and become more precise and accurate. A key feature of a training board is the thinner doubles and trebles, which makes them different to the traditional dartboard with the doubles and trebles in regulation sizes. A training board provides players with a clear visual distinction between the segments, so it is easier to find them.

Consistently using this equipment will help players to develop better muscle memory and also improve their accuracy and precision. A training board with smaller doubles and trebles will help you to improve your darts aim and dart throwing accuracy.

Better visuals will aid your practice

Some of the training boards in this collection have distinct colours and markings and enhanced numbering to help make it easier to visualise the targets. These added markings will assist players in their practice routine, with the radial lines or segments helping players to align their throw and adjust their aim if needed.

A dartboard with better visuals will contribute to a more effective practice session and also make it easier to track the scores. The Viper Aim360 Performance Enhancing Dartboard features the diamond aim system, with white diamonds displayed in the centre of each treble and double on the board. These markings can help you to focus in on the small targets on the dartboard.

What’s the best way to practice darts?

The equipment you use for your darts practice sessions is important and choosing a dartboard that is more efficient means you can try out lots of different games. If you are consistent with your practice routine, you will find that your dartboard will experience a lot of wear and tear. The training boards on this page provides players with plenty of durability as they are made with high-quality materials.

Need some advice on how to practice? Read our ‘How To Get Better At Darts’ blog for an in-depth guide on the best way to practice darts. Included in this blog are various practice games and routines to try out by yourself or with your friends and family.

Accessories to level up your darts game

Darts Corner carries a large range of darts accessories to help you to level up your game. Customise your favourite set of darts or choose something to complement your darts setup at home, with accessories to suit players who are looking to improve their skills.

The dartboard lighting collection will give you even better visibility on your board, whilst the dartboard scorers range can help you to keep track of your scores in practice and during matches. An electronic scorer has different game variations to try out, from 501 and cricket to round the clock and shoot-out.


Any questions about our training dartboards? Our friendly customer services team are always on hand to give their expert advice and answer any questions about delivery and returns. Get in touch with our team by using the contact us page if you have any questions about the dartboards on this page.

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