Personalised Dart Flights

Personalised darts flights will make your darts truly unique and add an extra level of style to your game. Custom dart flights make for an
excellent gift or as a treat for yourself! Express your individuality with meaningful words, a person’s name who inspires you, or a special date. With 20 fonts available, you could add your nickname or the name of your team to really stand out from the crowd! Choose from our massive range of different flight sizes and colours and then team with personalised stems or personalised darts.

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Make the game your own with a set of personalised flights

Custom darts flights will give you a true bespoke set of darts and motivate you for every match. Dart flights that are personalised are all about putting your own style into your game. Decide the text you want to go on the flight to make it unique to you, such as your darts nickname or the name of a loved one. Or you can kit out your darts team with matching flights with your pub’s name and personal nicknames on them to foster team spirit!

Creating personalised flights for darts is nice and easy. Choose a flight from our personalised darts section or look out for the “personalise me” sash and then click on the “Personalise” button to start making your customisations. We have two options of flights: a Poly Plain flight, which is 75 microns, or an Extra Strong flight, which is 100 microns. The weight of darts flights are measured in microns, so the Extra Strong flight will weigh slightly heavier than the Poly Plain flight. You can choose from a range of 20 different fonts and have either gold or silver text for your custom flights!

Our personalisation team uses state of the art industrial printers and the highest quality hot foil transfers to delivery high-definition printing on your flights. It means your personalised flights will be of the highest quality and unique for you.

Show your colours with personalised darts flights

You can customise your flights for each player in your darts club or team so that everyone has matching flights, but all with their own personal touch. You can have the name of your team on one fin and then your name or nickname on the other fin. This is a popular choice for darts teams who play in leagues and want to have something that shows off their team’s name and that they are representing their team when at the oche.

Personalised flights can also be a cool option for your friends and family that play darts. You and your family members can make your darts more personal to you with custom flights that are all the same colour and have your own names on them, or different colours so there’s no arguing over which dart set is whose.

Answers to commonly asked questions about darts flight personalisation

We can print three lines of text at the top and bottom of most flights. As slim-shaped flights are thinner, we can print two lines on each fin.

We do not have a character limit, so when you click ‘personalise’ you can enter your chosen text for what you want printed on your personalised flights. Remember that the more text you add the smaller the letters will be to fit it on so we suggest keeping it as short as you can!  In any case, our team will do their best to fit whatever text you require on your flights.

We can personalise flights in different languages other than English. We can print text in other languages on your flights if the font you have selected carries your requested language’s letters and symbols.

We only personalise new items purchased from us. For printing quality reasons, we do not personalise customers’ own items or items that have been purchased previously. Our personalised items usually take only 2-4 days to complete, but in the busy season (October to February) this can be longer, so order in plenty of time!

Complement your personalised flights with additional custom products

Darts Corner offers customisation across a huge range of products which you can explore in our personalised section. Why not complement your personalised flights by creating your own personalised stems, personalised points and personalised barrels. This will give you the total custom dart and would be completely unique to you!

Our personalised service also includes personalised darts cases, so you can keep your new customised dart flights safe and secure in a bespoke case with your name or the text of your choice on the front. Look the part with one of our personalised darts shirts and have your nickname on the back like your favourite player! We also offer a personalised dartboards service where you can customise a professional standard board with your choice of text at the top and bottom.


Do you have a question about our options for personalised darts flights? Contact us to speak with one of our customer services team at Darts Corner who can help you with any queries you may have. If you have a question about personalising a dart flight, then get in touch with us.

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