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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, it essential to keep your darts sharp. Our premium range of dart sharpeners will ensure your points stay sharp and match ready, reducing the chances of darts falling out of the board. Check out our full collection of darts accessories to help improve your game!

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The importance of sharp darts 

Every dart player should carry a dart sharpening tool with them in their case. It is a small and lightweight tool that can help ensure your favourite arrows are not blunt and are more likely to enter and stay in the board securely. 

Sharpening is not only good maintenance for your darts, but it will also help look after the dartboard you are playing on too. A blunt dart will wear out your dartboard more quickly and create more permanent holes in the board. 

Need help sharpening your darts? Read our how to sharpen your darts blog post. 

Choosing a darts sharpener 

Darts Corner stocks a variety of different darts sharpeners at different price points. A round sharpener, like the Mission Dart Sharpener Round Stone inside Keyring, is the most popular type available and is also the most cost-effective option. This type of sharpener is easy to use and will last for a long time, even for the most dedicated of players.  

A flat sharpener is less common but useful if you want a larger surface area to work with. The Designa Permapoint Pro Lite allows you to keep your dart points sharp just by keeping them stored inside the point protector. You can give your points extra sharpening by twisting the darts whilst they are inside the protector. 

Another excellent option is the Shot Silver Bullet Dart Point Sharpener. Designed for professionals and at the highest end of the price range, the Silver Bullet is self-contained device that is motorised and will sharpen your darts for you! 


For more options on caring for your darts, explore our range of darts cases and flight protectors, and read our how to care for your darts blog for other useful tips. Following these steps will extend the longevity of your darts  and help you improve your game.

Need help finding the perfect darts sharpener? Our friendly customer services team are always on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions about delivery and returns. Get in touch by using our contact us page. 

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