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Darts flights are an important part of the dart as they are what will help the dart to fly. The dart flight goes at the end of the stem and keeps the dart stable while in motion. Darts Corner carries a huge range of flights for darts in different weights, colours, designs and materials, in both original and moulded (solid) formats. We stock a broad selection of dart flights from leading manufacturers including Mission, Harrows, L-Style and Designa, along with a growing range of football dart flights, to provide you with the best range available.

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Does your choice of flights make a difference to your game?

Darts flights come in many shapes and are used to keep the dart stable and straight in the air. Different flights can impact your game. For example, a standard shape flight, also known as a No. 2 flight, is the most common shape flight and will keep the dart aloft and stable in the air more than smaller shapes of flights. This style of flight is suitable for beginners as a starting point as most new sets of darts will come with a set of flights in this shape.

A flight’s weight is measured in microns and mostly come in 75, 100 or 150 microns. A 100 micron flight is the most popular choice. A 150 micron flight is the heaviest of the three and is a lot more durable. A 75 micron flight is more intended for beginners as it is a better value option and can be easily replaced, but they don’t last as long.

What to look for when trying to find the best dart flight

Some darts flights are more suitable than others depending on the level of play. A beginner will usually start with a standard flight, while some professionals might opt for a pear or a kite flight. These flights are smaller than a standard one and as a result cover less of the board, which opens up more room for grouping the darts together. It is a fractional difference but can have a huge impact on a player’s ability to hit big scores. They also fly differently through the air, so give them a try to see what you like best!

A slim flight tends to be used by only a small number of players, including Phil Taylor. These flights make the dart travel faster in the air, but they require the player to throw the “perfect dart”. Any misthrow will force the dart to over-rotate and lose speed.

Looking for something a little more personalised?

If you can’t find the darts flight you are looking for, choose one of our personalised darts flights and add the text of your choice to go on the flight. A custom darts flight would make a great gift for the darts fanatic in your life.

Darts Corner has an easy-to-use personalised section where you can create your very own bespoke items, including personalised dartboardspersonalised darts shirts and personalised darts.


Need some help picking your darts flight? Check out our Designa darts flights collection for a wide range to choose from. We have also put together a useful how to choose a darts flight guide with some tips on making that important decision. Take a look at our top darts accessories blog for a guide on more items to up your game!

We are also on hand to offer some assistance too. Contact us here to speak with one of our customer services team at Darts Corner who can help you with any queries relating to size, material or colour of the dart flights and any other additional questions you may have.

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