Mission Torus Dartboard Lights

Illuminate your dartboard with the bright white LED lights from our Mission Torus Dartboard Lights collection. Designed to enhance your playing experience, a Mission Torus light attaches securely to most dartboards, and keeps the light focused exactly where you need it. This range includes the popular Mission Torus 270 and Mission Torus 100 lighting systems, along with dimmer switches, power adaptors and other accessories to give you everything you need for a professional darts setup.

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Collection :Mission Torus Dartboard Lights

Mission has quickly emerged as a darts brand that continuously designs and manufactures innovative products, providing players of all levels with professional equipment. The Mission Torus dartboard lighting system is one of the best-selling products in their extensive range of darts equipment, offering players with a sleek and modern dartboard light that seamlessly complements any room or setup.

The collection of Mission Dartboards is also a popular choice for players, including the Mission Samurai Infinity, which is a competition standard top-quality board made of high grade African sisal material. The Mission Archon Steel Tip Darts is another favourite from the Mission range, with these darts being made of a premium 97.5% tungsten which offers increased durability for players.

Professional Dartboard Lighting

There are many benefits to including a Mission Torus dartboard light to your darts setup. These lights feature a unique design as the inside edge of the light rail is tilted outwards at a 25-degree angle, which allows for even more light to reach your dartboard and helps to eliminate shadows from other external lighting sources. This ensures players have a perfectly illuminated board to look at when they are playing darts.

A light from this range is great for all settings, including for competitions or a home darts setup, with the Mission Torus 270 a popular choice. This lighting system quickly clips to your dartboard and has a unique 270-degree shape, which allows for easier access to retrieve your darts during play and is also ideal for younger players.

Dartboard Lighting For On The Move

The Mission Torus 100 is a perfect option for when you are on the move and wanting to play darts on your travels. This light quickly unfolds and clips to the top of your dartboard to give you a well-lit playing surface wherever you are.

The Torus 100 is lightweight and folds up small to fit in your luggage, so you can take it with you, and it is easy to install. Unfold the arms, tighten the thumb screws and clip the light to your board. This light comes with a Mission Torus Dimmer Switch so you can easily adjust the brightness and have a truly personal darts setup when you are travelling.

More from Mission

Explore the entire Mission range with products that complement the Mission Torus lighting system to create a complete darts setup. Protect your walls from any stray darts with the Mission Surrounds collection, available in various designs and colours to fit with your own style. The selection of Mission Dartboards includes professional boards, such as the Mission Samurai Infinity, so players of all levels can have a quality darts setup at home. Check out the full Mission range for steel tip darts, soft tip darts and other accessories. The Mission Spring Loaded Wall Clamp is a great choice for a darts setup as it will securely hold a bristle dartboard and comes with built in fittings for a Torus 270.

Adding a Mission Torus Dimmer Switch allows you to make your setup personal to you, as you can alter the brightness from the light that is going on your board. If the light is broken or damaged on your Torus light, pick up a Mission Torus LED Replacement Light Strip to illuminate your board again, and the Mission Torus LED Replacement Power Adapter is perfect if you are travelling with the Torus 100, as it comes in a 5m length, which is longer than the one supplied with the unit!

Not sure which Mission Torus dartboard light to buy for your setup? Contact us and chat with our team in customer services who can point you in the right direction. Our team can also help with any questions you might have about delivery and returns.

Read our ‘How To Fit A Mission Torus Light’ blog for a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Mission dart ring light.

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