26g Steel Tip Darts

This popular collection includes a wide range of 26g darts and features the signature steel tip darts used by many of the leading professional players in the PDC. A 26g dart set is a popular choice for players of all levels and on this page you will find darts from top brands including Harrows, Datadart and Mission.

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Collection :26g Steel Tip Darts

A 26g steel tip dart is one of the most popular weights with hundreds of different sets available on the Darts Corner website. The weight of darts you choose can have an influence on how you play, as well as your style and enjoyment of the game.

Darts 26g in weight was the ideal choice for the 16-time world champion Phil Taylor, who used this particular weight of dart during his professional career. Check out our full range of steel tip darts and, for heavier options, our 28g and 30g collections, and for lighter choices our 22g and 24g selections.

Who are 26g darts suitable for?

Using 26g darts is a good choice for players of all levels depending on how they hold and throw a dart. A heavier dart (26g or above) tends to work better if your darts fly straight, as the heavier weighted dart will ensure its trajectory remains as straight and stable as possible.

If you find that throwing with 26g darts makes your darts fly more indirect, like in an arc lamp shape, then a lighter dart (22-24g) might be a more ideal option. The lighter weight can help your darts fly straighter through the air because you will be using less effort to throw them, which leads to more consistent play.

Read our ‘How To Choose The Best Darts Weight’ blog for some help on knowing what weight darts you need and some advice on why your current darts are not flying straight.

Professional 26g Darts

The most famous professional player who uses 26g darts is Phil Taylor. The 16-time world champion is considered by many darts fans as the greatest player of all time, and during his career in the PDC he worked with various manufacturers including Unicorn. A typical dart used by ‘The Power’ would be made with a tungsten barrel and include an enhanced grip at the rear of the dart, the position where he holds the dart in his hand.

This collection also includes signature darts for many other players in a weight of 26g, including Michael Smith, Dave Chisnall, Josh Rock and Lisa Ashton.

Our bestselling 26g darts

The Mission Archon dart is one of our most popular and best-selling 26g steel tip darts. The Archon dart is crafted from the highest grade of tungsten at 97.5% tungsten, putting it at the top of the scale for using the most premium materials. The black and bronze PVD coating on the barrels makes it a visually striking dart, with fine radial grooves and horizontal milled cuts on the rear of the barrels offering an enhanced grip for players.

The Designa Dark Thunder V2 is also one of our popular 26g darts and offers great value for money. This set is made of 90% tungsten and has a twin-ringed grip on the barrels, which gives players plenty of grip when they are holding the dart.

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Our customer services team can also help with any questions you might have about our 26g darts for sale. Use the contact us page to get in touch with our expert team who can help with any questions about delivery, returns or anything else relating to our large range of darts.

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26g Steel Tip Darts 26g Steel Tip Darts