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Darts Corner stocks a large range of dart flight protectors from some of the top brands including Unicorn, Harrows and Mission. The best dart flight protectors help to keep your flights in the best shape for longer and can improve consistency and performance. A flight protector will ensure your flights keep their 90-degree angle for longer, giving your throw a top-quality flight experience each time. Check out our full range of dart flights today.

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Flight protectors are one of many darts accessories that can help players improve their game. There are many mechanics involved in flight protectors for darts that bring multiple benefits, which is why they are a great investment for players of all levels that are looking to elevate their performances to the next level.

How do flight protectors work?

A dart flight protector is a small cap made from either metal or plastic that simply slots onto the top of a flight. As the name suggests, their role is to protect your flights from damage, and will absorb the impact when your darts land on the dartboard close together.

Using a flight protector will help to prevent direct contact between the flight and the point of your darts and minimise any damage. The small caps can also help to maintain the original shape of your flights and ensure a consistent trajectory and accuracy each time you throw.

What benefits do flight protectors have?

There are many benefits to using flight protectors with your darts. Do you find yourself going through many dart flights and ever wondered how do dart flight protectors work? A flight protector acts as a shield for your flight, sitting on top of the flight to help improve its longevity. Without a flight protector, your flights can become frayed or deformed due to the impact from other darts being thrown at the dartboard.

Accuracy is a crucial part of the game and by using flight protectors it will help your flights maintain their original shape and stability for longer. This means the flight pattern will be more consistent and a player can better predict how their darts will behave in the air.

Whilst a flight protector is a small investment and an added accessory to your darts, it is an affordable item and can also save you money in the long run. Dart flight protectors are worth it as they keep your flights better protected, which means you will have to buy less flights because they will stay in perfect shape for longer.

Fitting a flight protector to your darts is also easy maintenance as they are simple to fit on to your flights. They will also keep your flights clean, which makes cleaning your flights easier too.

The best dart flight protectors

There is a wealth of darts accessories available, and newcomers might ask do dart players use flight protectors? Darts Corner stocks some of the best brands on the market and all of whom have developed different kinds of flight protectors, so players can find something fit for purpose.

The Unicorn Pro Aluminium Dart Flight Protectors is one of our best sellers. These flight protectors are made of a lightweight aluminium material, but are also durable, and available in silver or black. If you want to add some extra colour to your darts, the Mission F-Protect Flight Protectors come in 10 different colours. Choose the colour that suits your style with a set of these flight protectors, which are made from a stylish aluminium.

How to care for your darts

Using flight protectors is just one of the many ways players can care for their darts equipment. Refresh your darts with a new set of points by using one of our dart repointing tools, and keep your darts safe and secure with something from our darts cases and wallets collection.

Read our ‘How To Care For Your Darts’ blog for more advice on making sure your darts stay in good condition for a long time.


Need some help picking your dart flight protectors? Use our contact us page to speak with Darts Corner’s expert customer services team. Our team of experts are on hand to offer some assistance and can help with any queries relating to delivery or returns and any other additional questions you might have.

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