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Soft tip dartboards are used with soft tip darts and are a safer and more family friendly option to play a fun game of darts! Our range of soft tip dart boards include both electronic and non-electronic options that can help you improve your game. Whether you opt for one of our contemporary touch screen electronic dart boards or our Wi-Fi enabled smart dart boards, you can keep track of every score to follow your progress both in practice games on your own and during games with your friends and family. Don’t forget to get soft tip darts and extra soft tip points!

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Why choose a soft tip dart board?

An electronic dart board can offer you hours of fun. Many have a huge variety of games you can play, and many come with built-in lights and sounds to really add to the fun. With some boards you can even go online and play many different games against other players (or family) from around the world.

An electronic dartboard can be the perfect introduction to the exciting world of darts. Not only are the points used in soft tip darts less dangerous, but with an electronic soft tip dart board most of them will do the counting for you. The automated scoring system takes away the tricky maths part and is ideal for beginners who are just starting out on their darts journey!

A soft tip dartboard is the ideal choice for families with young children, as the points used in soft tip darts are made from plastic. The plastic points mean you won’t damage your walls or floor when playing soft tip, but young children should still be supervised as the darts still have points on the end of them. Soft tip can be enjoyed by all ages and in some parts of the world, including in Asia and North America, it is a very popular game.

In soft tip darts, the plastic points used are much safer than the sharp points used in steel tip darts which are made from metal. The material used for each board is also different. A soft tip dartboard is made of robust plastic materials, with pre-moulded holes to hold the soft tip darts in the board and, when hit, a sensor will trigger and generate the score for you. A steel tip board is made of a natural bristle (Sisal) material. Browse our full collection of dartboards available and compare between soft tip to steel tip to find your favourite.

Finishing off your soft tip dartboard setup

An ‘oche’ is the line on the floor where you must stand behind to throw your darts. Add your own oche to finish off your soft tip dartboard setup and help make sure you are throwing from the correct distance. Your throw line could be one of three options: a sticker, a mat or a raised steel oche.

If you choose a Granboard soft tip board, there are several accessories you can add to it such as a smartphone holder to see your scores on. This is useful if you are playing matches online and want a camera pointing on you to show your opponent while you are throwing.

A Bull’s Vibex Mobile Travel Stand can be quickly assembled and disassembled and used to put your board up wherever you are. Perfect for moving around your home or when on your travels!

Darts Corner also stocks a large range of soft tip darts, soft tip points and soft tip darts accessories as well as darts stems and darts flights, for when you want to customise your arrows with something new and fresh.


If you are unsure about which soft tip dartboard is right for you, check out our dartboard buying guide for more information. Take a look at our what are soft tip darts blog for more of an in-depth look into the world of soft tip darts. You can also contact us and speak to our customer services team, who can help with any queries relating to installation, returns or any other concerns you may have.

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