L-Style Dart Flights

The L-Style Darts Flights range has a wealth of exciting options to choose from to cater for players of all abilities. Inject love, life and luck into your game with a set of excellent quality flights from this collection, with nine different shapes and a variety of colours and designs to suit your own style too!

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Collection :L-Style Dart Flights

The L-Style flights collection offers players excellent durability, with these moulded flights providing more durability and also maintaining a 90 degree angle during play. The flights on this page are made from thicker materials and are designed to last longer, giving you extra value for money with your flights.

Our range of L-Style flights showcases a wide selection of designs and colours in various flight shapes. L-Style is the choice of flight for some of the world’s top players, with the signature flights used by Ryan Searle, Beau Greaves and Fallon Sherrock all featuring on this page.

L-Style flights come in different shapes with the brand listing their flight shapes in a unique format, with L1 standard, L2 pear, L3 shape, L4 kite, L5 rocket, L6 slim, L7 astra, L8 bullet and L9 Z.

L-Style Flights

Folded vs Moulded Dart Flights

Folded and moulded dart flights each offer their own unique benefits for players. A moulded flight is made from thicker materials than a folded flight, which makes them a lot more durable and also means you will not have to replace the flights in your darts as often.

Moulded flights are more expensive than folded flights, but they offer more durability and the thicker material of them means they will absorb more damage when they hit into other darts. Another advantage of using moulded flights is that they will also maintain a 90 degree angle, whereas the angle of a folded flight will change during play.

The moulded flight is still a recent invention in the game, but several professional players have switched to using moulded flights because of the extra longevity they provide in both practice and matches. The flights you choose comes down to personal preference and what works best for your own game. Take a look at our ‘How To Choose A Flight’ blog for an in-depth guide on the different flight shapes available.

Flexible & Durable

L-Style flights are made to give players more flexibility and durability during play. The brand is well known for their growing range of flights and also their reputation for developing new and exciting flight options for players to use.

The flights on this page are at the higher end of the price bracket, but the premium materials used to make these flights does make them more durable than alternative brands. The thicker materials give players extra longevity, so you will not have to change your flights as often.

The L-Style Fantom flights have been crafted from a new material which is slightly thicker than the EZ flights. This offers players ultimate durability along with a straighter flight path when the dart travels to the board.

Express Your Style

Players can show off their personality or add some style to their game with a set of flights from this collection. From plain colours in a range of colours to flights with different designs, there is sure to be a flight for you on this page that will suit your own preferences.

The L-Style Fantom L1EZ Flights come in a mixture of colours (black, white, blue, red and yellow) and also feature an integrated champagne ring. This is useful for players who use rings on their darts when connecting the flight and stem together, as it is already included in the flight, and you do not have to add the ring with a flight punch yourself.

For players looking for more of an interesting design on their flights, the L-Style EZ L-Flights includes a cool design and in several different colour options. This set also comes equipped with an integrated champagne ring for ease of use when adding the flights to your darts.

L-Style EZ Flights


Need some help finding the right darts setup for you? Check out the ‘How to’ section on our blog for plenty of useful tips and pointers. Take a look at our ‘How To Choose A Flight’ blog for a closer look at all the different flight shapes and materials available. Our ‘How To Choose The Best Darts Weight’ guide for some helpful tips on finding the right darts weight to use.

Have a question about our L-Style flights range? Use the contact us page to get in touch with our customer services team. Darts Corner’s team are on hand to offer their expert advice and answer any questions about delivery and returns.

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