Electronic Dartboard Scorers

Keep score of your darts matches accurately and effectively with our range of electronic scoreboards. There are various styles to choose from including options from top brands like KeyGlory and Viper, so you will find the perfect electronic dartboard scorer for your needs in this collection!

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Collection :Electronic Dartboard Scorers

Picking up an electronic scoreboard for darts will essentially do the work for you! An automated darts scoreboard is the perfect solution for keeping track of the scores in games with friends and family members and will most importantly keep them fun!

A darts electronic scorer has a lot of benefits over traditional scoring systems, such as a chalkboard or a whiteboard. The scoreboards on this page are either battery powered or mains powered, with different plug options to cater for players all over the world.

Precision In Scoring

One of the advantages of having an electronic dart scoreboard is that it does the calculations for the players. Simply throw your darts and enter your score and the electronic dart scorer will instantly update the display for you.

Having an automated scoring system means you will avoid human error and they also provide better accuracy. It means that when you are playing for the bragging rights against your friends or family everyone has a fair game!

Pre-Programmed Game Variation

Many of the electronic scorers on this page also come with different games to play and not just your traditional games of 501 or Cricket. The KeyGlory Dartsmate 3 is one of our best sellers and includes practice checkout and solo play modes, which helps to enhance your playing experience whilst practicing on your own.

A darts electronic scoreboard with various game modes can be beneficial to players who want to practice different skills. Players of all abilities are catered for with an electronic darts scorer as the skill level required can vary between the different game modes.

Focus On Play!

An electronic scorer for darts provides players with convenience and more time as they don’t have to focus on keeping score and can just enjoy the game. The display on the scoreboard will show you what score you and your opponent has left, so you don’t have to write it down or remember it in your head.

The Ruthless Top Score Electronic Dart Scorer is a popular choice in this range as it has a touchpad scorer that mirrors a dartboard. This makes scoring your matches even easier as you can just hit the segments where your darts landed on, and the scorer will automatically calculate your score in seconds.

Complete Your Home Darts Setup

An electronic scorer is a great addition to a darts setup at home or in the pub and will help keep score of all your matches accurately. If it’s a friendly game against your friends or a competitive fixture for your darts team, an electronic dartboard scorer will do the work for you in keeping track of the scores.

You can keep any arguments about fair play at bay with an electronic scoreboard, which will improve your darts setup for when you host a games night at home. Check out our ‘How To Create The Ultimate Home Darts Setup’ for more tips on creating your own darts den!


Not sure about the electronic darts score board to buy for you or as a gift for a loved one? Contact us and speak to Darts Corner’s expert team in customer services who can help you with any queries on the specific functionality of the electronic scorers on this page. Our team can also help with any questions relating to delivery or returns.

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