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Featuring the brand’s quality materials and well-known designs, the Unicorn dart flights collection will provide your every shot with the glide you need to achieve great scores. The dart flights Unicorn produce are available in an array of shapes and sizes, and made from top-quality materials, so you are sure to find your new favourite set of flights in this extensive range which also includes the signature flights for top players such as Gary Anderson, James Wade and Ross Smith!

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Collection :Unicorn Dart Flights

Dart flights make a difference as it is the part of the dart that will help it fly through the air and reach the dartboard. The flight in your dart is important to how effectively a dart is thrown, with players developing their own personal preference for the style of flight that suits them the best.

The Unicorn darts flights collection offers a vast selection to choose from in a variety of shapes, colours and thicknesses. If you are not sure what the best flights are for you, check out our ‘How To Choose A Flight’ blog.

Diverse Designs

There is a great variety in terms of designs that Unicorn incorporates into their dart flights, whether that be a design for a professional player or one of the many themed flights in the range. The flights a player chooses helps them to express their own personality through their own darts.

Durability & Performance

The Unicorn brand has more than 80 years of innovation and experience to their name, and they have been manufacturing some of the best darts flights on the market for a long time. This has allowed them to continue innovating for players to have the best experience.

The Unicorn Ultrafly Flair Dart Flights is one of the newest flights in their range and boasts a striking design which is made from cutting edge materials. This flight is made with the most popular 100-micron flight thickness so it is durable and made to withstand impact.

How can I secure my dart flights?

Many players experience a common problem of ‘pop-outs’ when the flight keeps falling out of the shaft. This can be annoying for players and disrupt the flow of the game as they have to reattach the flight into their darts before throwing again.

If this is a problem you experience you might want to consider investing in a flight punch to go with your darts setup. This tool is used to punch a hole in your flights which you can then use together with a darts ring for a more secure fit between the shaft and the flight.


Got a question about our range of Unicorn dart flights? Use our contact us page to chat with our customer services team who can help with any queries relating to the dart flights in this collection. Our team can also answer any questions you might have about delivery and returns.

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