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Light up your board and make sure you can see every bullseye with our top-quality range of dartboard lighting available at Darts Corner. With darts lights supplied from high-quality brands like Mission and Unicorn, rest assured there will be no nuisance shadows or glare, just a clear, well-lit dartboard that is prepared for a game whatever the surrounding ambient light. Browse our full range of dartboards and accessories and complete your darts setup with us today!

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Why use a dartboard light?

A dart board light is the perfect solution to achieve a well-lit dartboard. If you are in a room that might have poor lighting, then a dart light will provide you with a clear view of your board while you are playing. Lights for dart boards will give you better lighting and less eye strain and, as a result, will lead to better accuracy and better play. A darts light will ensure you can clearly see every bullseye and treble 20 that you throw! Most dart lights will also come equipped with a dimmer switch so you can easily alter the amount of bright white light that floods your dartboard, enabling a truly personal set up.

As well as a darts surround light, give yourself the best possible playing conditions by investing in one of our toeline oches, which will make sure you are throwing from the correct distance.

How does a dartboard light work?

A dartboard light illuminates the dartboard to make the match more enjoyable and improve your accuracy. Most dartboard lights will fit onto your dartboard with fixing clips but others fix to cabinets. Installation is very simple using the instructions provided and they are all designed to make rotating your board easy and to be low maintenance.

Our range of dart board lighting uses energy-efficient LED lights which means they are efficient to run, gives a longer lifespan and makes them more durable.

A dartboard light surround will often use mains power, but some do use batteries. The battery-operated darts lights will offer more flexibility as you will not need to be near a plug socket. However, a darts light ring such as the Mission Torus 100 has a lengthy cable of 3.78m so you can easily reach a plug socket in whatever room you hang your dartboard up.

How to choose the best dartboard light

Darts Corner carries an extensive range of dartboard lights which means you will find the right one that’s suitable for your game and your setup. Pick up a dartboard surround with lights from one of the top brands like Mission, Unicorn and Shot for the best quality darts light surround. Choosing from our selection will make sure that shadows are a thing of the past and you will have a perfectly clear view of your dartboard.

The Mission Torus 270 has a unique 270-degree arc which is ideal for young players as the light won’t get knocked when retrieving the darts from the board. The Mission Torus 100 is a popular choice if you’re travelling or have a darts cabinet, as the light folds away and is portable. If your nearest power socket isn’t close by, the Mission Torus range is a wise option as they come with a lengthy extension cable.

You can also customise your dart light surround to a colour of your choice with a Mission Torus Cascade Colour Light Strip. This unique replacement light strip will allow you to choose from 12 different colours for your darts light ring.


If you are not sure about which darts light to buy for your setup, contact us and speak with one of our customer services team who will be able to point you in the right direction. We can also provide more information on dartboard lights and answer any questions you may have.

Check out our How To Fit A Mission Torus Light blog for a step-by-step guide on how to hang up a Mission dart ring light.

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