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A dart repointing tool makes replacing your steel tip dart points simple and easy. Whether you are at home or playing in your local pub, a dart repointer is easy to operate and light in weight. Look after your steel tip darts effortlessly with our top-quality range of repointers and shop our full range of darts tools for easy ways to keep your darts in their best shape.

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Which darts repointing tool is best for you?

Darts Corner has an extensive range of darts repointers to choose from and all at a range of price points. If you only intend to use a repointing tool for personal use and will only change your points maybe once or twice a year, then opt for a less expensive one. But if you are purchasing a repointer that will be regularly used, perhaps by a whole darts team or at tournaments by many different people, then we would suggest you go for a higher end repointing tool from our collection.

When choosing your darts repointer, it is worth first checking that the steel tip points you intend to use are compatible with the repointing tool you are purchasing. For example, the Harrows Easy Repointer can be used for any steel tip points, while the Unicorn Unitool is not suitable for use on Target Laser/Storm cut points.

If you are using a more regular point, then any of the other darts repointers in our selection will be suitable for you. Check out our how to repoint a dart blog for a useful guide on how to use a darts repointer tool.

Key repointing tool features to look out for

Changing the points in your darts is not unusual these days as players tinker with their equipment to find the setup that is right for them or replace broken points. Our range of repointers are easy to use and are made from high-quality materials to ensure a long and efficient lifespan. The Mission R-Point Expert Hand Held Repointer is a popular choice as it comes with its own carry case, so it is more portable and easy to transport with you if you are on the move.

If you are a player who uses One80 Reflex Ultra Thin Points in your darts, then a One80 Point Changer would be the preferred darts repointing tool to go for. This repointing machine includes a special adapter to change Reflex Ultra Thin Points, which are just 1.2mm in thickness. This repointer is the ideal choice if you are using the ultra thin points with your darts.

Caring for your darts will lead to better play

Repointing your darts can play a crucial part in taking care of your darts and dartboard. A point that is well worn is likely to do more damage to your board, as opposed to a new point, while an old point is more prone to bounce outs when the dart does not stick in the board and falls out. This is why it is important to look after your darts equipment so that you can play at the best level possible.

There are other products and darts accessories you can use with your darts to maintain good care of them. One of our dart sharpeners can be used to keep your points sharp and ready for play, while you can keep your favourite set of arrows clean and tidy inside a darts case.

The Mission Restore 3 Brush Cleaning Kit is also a useful item to pick up as a darts care system that is designed to maintain and renew the performance of tungsten darts. Check out our how to care for your darts blog for more handy tips on keeping good care of your darts.


If you are unsure about which darts repointing tool is right for you, then contact us and speak to our customer services team. We can help with any information you might need about returns or delivery, as well as any queries about buying a dart repointer as a gift for a loved one.

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