Personalised Dart Stems

Laser engraved personalised dart stems will make your darts completely unique and add an extra level of style to your game. We can engrave your chosen text on one side or two sides of your custom dart stems. Choose a short message or a date or name to inspire you during your game and it could just be the confidence boost you need! Darts Corner offers a wide range of personalised dart flights and stems to customise your darts set up with. You can also look the part with our personalised dart shirts range and make your darts den unique with a personalised dartboard and personalised surround.

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Bring your style to the game

Custom darts stems will provide you with a truly bespoke set of darts and motivate you every time you play. Dart stems that are personalised are all about putting your own style into the game. Simply decide the text you want to go on the stem to make it your own, such as your darts nickname or the name of a loved one. Or you can kit out your darts team with matching stems with your pub’s name and personal nicknames on them to bring out some team spirit!

Creating personalised stems for darts is nice and simple. Pick a stem from our personalised section or look out for the “personalise me” sash and then click on the “Personalise” button to start making your customisations. We have a range of different colours and sizes to choose from including stems from leading brands such as Mission, Unicorn, Harrows and Designa.

Our personalisation team uses state-of-the-art lasers to engrave your darts stems, so the colour of text will be a silver/white colour. Adding your own personal touch to your darts can inspire you to better performances on the oche!

Enhance your play with colour

Just like in football and other team sports, you will often find that some darts teams have their own colours specific to them. For example, a county team could play in blue and white colours to match the colours on their team crest. Certain colours will be synonymous to each team and introducing personalised darts stems to your set up will help to show your support for your team whilst you are playing.

Customised darts stems would work well with pub darts teams, as it is an affordable option to kit out your whole team each with something unique, perhaps with the team’s colours on the stem and each player’s nickname engraved on them. You could even add personalised stems to your own darts corner at home for when you host game nights, matching up the colours of your stems with your dartboard surround or other items in the room.

Answers to commonly asked questions about darts stem personalisation

We can print on one or two sides of darts stems and each side can be engraved with up to a specific number of characters depending on the length of the shaft. When you click “personalise” you can see how many characters you have by entering your chosen text for what you want printed on your personalised stems and see if it will fit. To save characters think of abbreviations or use numbers rather than spell them out. For example, “3rd” and “7” are shorter than “Third” and “Seven”.

If you were looking to have different text engraved on each individual stem (for example, a different child’s name on each one), this request would need to be made to our helpful customer service team using the contact us page.

For printing quality reasons, we only personalise new items purchased from us. We do not personalise customers’ own items or items that have been purchased previously. Personalised items usually take just 2-4 days to complete, but during the busy season (October to February) this can be longer, so order in plenty of time!

Personalise your whole set up

We are a specialist when it comes to personalised darts equipment and carry a vast range of products you can customise. Engrave any text on the darts barrels with our personalised darts service and also create your own personalised dart flights, personalised dart shirts, personalised dartboards and personalised dart cases.


Got a question about our options for personalised darts stems? Contact us here to speak with one of our friendly customer services team at Darts Corner who can help you with any queries you may have. If you have a question about personalising a darts stem, then get in touch with us.

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