25g Steel Tip Darts

This collection features a wide range of 25g darts and includes the signature steel tip darts used by many of the top professional players in the PDC. There will be something for players of all levels with darts from popular brands such as Harrows, Mission and Shot all on this page.

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Collection :25g Steel Tip Darts

Professional 25g Darts

Many of the signature darts used by the pros are available in a range of weights to cater for the preferences of all players. You will find 25 gram darts in this collection for the likes of Michael Smith, Dave Chisnall and James Wade.

The Harrows Chizzy v2 Gold Titanium Darts is the current set Dave Chisnall uses. These darts are made of 90% tungsten and the barrels are coated in a durable gold titanium nitride coating, before being recut to give a stunning gold and silver finish.

The Unicorn James Wade Two Tone Black & Blue Darts is a popular dart from James Wade’s range with Unicorn and are also available in 25g. This set is made of 90% tungsten and features a black and blue titanium coating, with black at the rear and blue at the front of the barrels.


A 25g steel tip dart is one of our most popular weights, with more than 300 different sets available on the Darts Corner website. The weight of darts you throw with can influence how you play, as well as your style and enjoyment of the game.

We believe that a 28g dart is the best steel tip weight for a beginner to start with, but if you find your darts are consistently dropping low on the treble 20 you should consider a lighter weight, such as a 25g dart. Browse our full range of steel tip darts and, for heavier options, our 26g and 28g collections and, for lighter choices, our 22g and 24g selections.

How do I know which weight dart to use?

The dart weight you use is dependent on personal preference as there is not a ‘one weight fits all’ when it comes to darts. There are multiple factors that come into play such as your grip style, how you hold the dart in your hand, as well as your own height.

A 25 gram dart will work for some players whilst others will find a lighter or heavier dart works best for them. If you are unsure what weight dart to use, we would encourage you to read our How To Choose The Best Darts Weight blog for more advice.


Take a look at our How To Find The Perfect Darts For You blog for some helpful tips on picking your new set of arrows. Read our ‘How To Care For Your Darts’ guide for some useful pointers on looking after your darts.

Our expert team in customer services can also help with any questions you might have about our 25g darts for sale. Use the contact us page to get in touch with our team who can assist with any questions about delivery, returns or anything else relating to our huge collection of darts.

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25g Steel Tip Darts 25g Steel Tip Darts