30g Steel Tip Darts

Our ultimate collection of 30g steel tip darts is for the most dedicated and skilled players who demand superior performance. These heavy weight darts provide unwavering flight stability, enabling you to hit the target with laser-like precision. Our 30g tungsten darts range features options from a variety of popular brands including Harrows, Datadart and Designa, so you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for.

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Collection :30g Steel Tip Darts

Playing with 30g darts

A 30g dart will be more suited for your game if your darts fly straight as the heavier weight will make sure the dart’s trajectory stays as straight and stable as possible. If your dart feels too light in your hand and you find you need more control, opting for a heavier dart (like a 30g set), could help you improve your game.

Darts 30g or above are used less often by professional players, but it is not uncommon to see heavy darts being the dart of choice. Ryan Searle is a top PDC professional who favours a heavy dart. The player is known for playing with a 32g dart, and in 2023 moved up to a 34g dart.

The weight of dart a player uses comes down to their own personal preference and how they throw their darts. Read our ’How to choose the best darts weight blog for more of an in-depth look at the different darts weights available. Browse our full range of ’Steel tip darts, and, for a heavier option our 32g range, and for a lighter choice our 26g and 28g collections.

Our bestselling 30g darts

Designa Dark Thunder V2 are one of our most popular 30g steel tip darts and offer great value for money. The dart is made from 90% tungsten and has a twin ringed grip, which will give you plenty of grip when you are holding the dart. This set also comes with an extra set of flights, so you’ll have some spares ready to use when you need them.

Harrows RazR Parallel Darts are also one of our popular 30g darts and are made of premium materials. The Parallel dart consists of a 90% tungsten barrel and features an acute sawtooth grip, which will appeal to players that want extra grip and feel on their darts.

Check out our best sellers in our ’Top 10 steel tip darts and, if you already know your grip style, our ’Top 10 darts for rear grippers and ’Top 10 darts for middle grippers include our hand-picked favourites.

Personalise your darts

Many of the 30g darts in this range feature in our personalised darts section, meaning you can put your own stamp on the game with a custom set of darts. Simply decide on the text you want to go on the barrels to make it personal to you, such as the name of a loved one or your darts nickname.

Personalising your darts will make you stand out from the crowd and can help motivate you every time you step up to the oche. Browse our full ’Personalised section including ’Personalised flights, ’Personalised stems and ’Personalised darts cases to truly make your darts setup your own.

Need some help choosing your set of 30g steel tip darts? Read our ’How to find the perfect darts for you blog for some handy tips on picking your new arrows. Our ’How to care for your darts guide also has some helpful pointers on looking after your darts.

Still unsure on what darts to buy? Use our contact us page to speak with our expert team in customer services, who will be able to help you with any questions you might have about our range of 30g steel tip darts.

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30g Steel Tip Darts 30g Steel Tip Darts