Harrows Dart Cases & Wallets

The Harrows dart cases and wallets collection includes a range of options designed to suit all types of player needs. The brand has more than 50 years of history and innovation to their name and is known for making top-quality darts and accessories, and this selection of cases stands up to this. A Harrows dart case will keep your favourite set of darts safe and secure when you are not playing.

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Collection :Harrows Dart Cases & Wallets

A darts case is important because they provide protection as well as organisation for a player’s prized darts. When you are not playing, a case or a wallet is the ideal option to help keep your darts safe and secure and protected from any dirt and spills.

When choosing a case, players might want to go with something that reflects their style, be that a certain colour or material. A Harrows dart wallet can accommodate many players with a variety of options available in different sizes, colours and designs.

Quality Materials

The Harrows dart cases in this collection are made from different materials including faux leather, fabric and leather. The Harrows Imperial Dart Wallet is an option that will provide extra protection for your darts and is made from a rigid EVA material.

All of the cases on this page are designed with durability in mind, with the Harrows Prima Dart Case a popular choice for players. This case is made from leather and can hold two sets of fully assembled darts. The Harrows Blaze Dart Wallet is a fabric option from this collection and is available in six different colours with extra space to store your spare flights and shafts.

Design Meets Performance

The Harrows cases and wallets range includes many unique designs, as well as some more subtle options, so every player can find something they enjoy. The Harrows Ryan Searle Pro 6 Dart Case features a more unique design, with a striking image on the front of the case. Made from a strong EVA material, this case is extremely durable and also offers plenty of extra storage inside.

If you are looking for something more subtle, the Harrows Smart 3 Dart Case is a great option. This case can hold one set of fully assembled darts and is available in four different colours, which is perfect if you want to kit out your darts team each with their own case, but not all in the same colour.

The Harrows brand is well-known for their innovative designs across all of their products. Browse the full Harrows collection for their steel tip and soft tip darts, flights and accessories.


Not sure which case to go for? Check out the entire range of darts cases and wallets available at Darts Corner. If you have a question about a Harrows darts case in this range, use our contact us page to speak with our team in customer services. Our team can help with any queries relating to size, material or colour of the dart cases in this collection.

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Harrows Dart Cases & Wallets Harrows Dart Cases & Wallets