Aluminium Dart Stems

Crafted from high-grade aluminium alloys, our aluminium dart stems collection offers exceptional resilience whilst also reducing the overall weight of your dart, allowing for more nimble and controlled throws. Explore our full range of aluminium dart stems on this page with a variety of popular lengths, brands and designs to choose from!

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Collection :Aluminium Dart Stems

There are different options for players to choose from in our aluminium dart stems range. The more traditional aluminium stems, which are fully made of aluminium, are available along with a selection of polycarbonate stems which are complete with an aluminium top.

The choice of stems made completely of aluminium feature options from Unicorn, Designa and Viper, whilst the polycarbonate stems with aluminium tops are available from Bull’s NL and Harrows. Many of the brands in this collection are known for creating quality products made for both professionals and beginners alike.

Why are aluminium stems popular?

Aluminium dart stems are a popular choice for players because they are strong and durable. Whilst most of the time they are more expensive than the standard stems made of nylon, aluminium stems tend to last longer and break less easily.

Opting for a stem made of aluminium will affect the overall weight of your darts, as aluminium weighs more than other options such as nylon and polycarbonate. Although only a slight change this can have an impact on your play and how the dart travels through the air. Why not try out a Stems Research Pack so you can test out different stems with your darts?

Which length should I choose?

The two most important factors when it comes to choosing a dart stem is the material and length. If you already know that you want an aluminium stem with your darts, the next thing to consider is the length. Darts Corner carries aluminium stems in different lengths.

The Designa Aluminium Stems range starts from micro (14mm) and goes up to long (55mm), with other sizes in between. There are several reasons why players might want to use a particular length of stem with their darts. For example, players who hold the dart towards the front (near the point) will often use a shorter stem, whilst a longer stem tends to work better for rear grippers – players who hold the dart at the back (near the stem).

Need some more advice on which dart stem is best for your game? Read our ‘How To Choose A Stem’ blog for a guide on picking the right stems for your darts.


Not sure what darts stems to buy? Use our contact us page and you can speak with our expert customer services team. For questions about the darts stems in this collection, or any concerns on delivery and returns, or anything Darts Corner, our team is on hand to help you.

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Aluminium Dart Stems Aluminium Dart Stems