Kite Shaped Dart Flights

Our collection of kite shaped dart flights offers a large range of styles, colours and patterns to choose from for players looking to improve their game. Pick up a high-quality set of kite shape dart flights with options from leading brands such as Mission, Harrows and Designa to ensure every player can find something that works for them! Check out our complete dart flights range and discover new shapes and sizes for you to try.

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Collection :Kite Shaped Dart Flights

Different shaped dart flights make a difference on how your dart is thrown and how it travels through the air to the board. A kite shaped dart flight is a popular choice for players as the smaller and slimmer shape flight is designed to make the dart travel faster. This can lead to an increased stability during the dart’s trajectory to the board, meaning less drag and better aerodynamics during play.

Kite shaped flights are smaller in size compared to a standard (no. 2) flight, which means they will cover a smaller area of the dartboard. This can enhance the performance of players as they can see more of the target when looking to try and group three darts into the same segment.

Choosing the right thickness

Dart flights come in different levels of thicknesses with the kite shaped flights in this collection available in a variety of options. The different flight thicknesses can make a difference for players, with a thicker flight (such as 150 microns) providing more air resistance and are more durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

A thinner flight (such as 75 microns) will be more lightweight and prone to being damaged more quickly, but whilst all brands aim to make the most durable flights possible, you will find that after a lot of use there is bound to be some wear and tear. One of the best ways a player can prepare themselves for a match is to have spare flights in their darts case, and our accessory kits are a great option to help you top up your equipment ready for the next time you play.

Recommendations for dart flights

A kite shaped flight is a versatile option which can be suitable for a wide range of throwing styles. A similar shape to a pear flight, these flights have the ability to offer a consistent performance whether you have a powerful throw or a slightly smoother throw.

The best way to find out what dart flight works best for your game is to experiment with different shapes, materials and thicknesses. Read our ‘How To Choose A Dart Flight’ blog for an in-depth look at all of the various flight shapes available, and check out our entire range of dart flights with more than 1,500 options to choose from!

Overwhelmed by our large range of kite shaped dart flights? Get in touch with our expert team in customer services by using the contact us page. Our team can offer some assistance with any of your queries relating to size, material or colour of the flights on this page and any other additional questions you may have.

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Kite Shaped Dart Flights Kite Shaped Dart Flights