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Darts matches are more fun when you and your team are in the proper gear. Make sure that everyone knows who ‘Big Dave’ is; get him a personalised dart shirt! Our darts shirts come in a huge variety of colours and styles, so you can be sure your entire team is matching but different from the opponents. Our personalised dart shirts can be printed on the back, left and right pockets, collar, and left and right arms. With different design styles, fonts, and colours, you are sure to have the unique darts shirts you were looking for.

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How do I personalise my darts shirt?

Personalising a darts shirt is easy; simply choose a darts shirt from our website and then click on the “Personalise” button to start making your customisations. Dart shirts can be personalised by adding text, small images, or logos. You can also choose which specific areas of the shirt you want to personalise, including the back, left and right arms, left and right pockets and the collar. It’s simple!

Different dart players have their own personal preferences as you can see in these darts player shirts. For us it is all about offering a bespoke service to fit your own requirements. Add your own darts nickname on the back of your favourite darts shirt for an additional £4.80. Or why not add your darts nickname or the name of a loved one on the collar of your shirt to make it personal to you? You can also get a 25% discount on the personalisation if you add the Darts Corner logo to your shirt!

Why choose a personalised darts shirt?

Whether you play darts just for fun or fancy yourself as a future pro, a custom darts shirt is exactly what you need! Choosing a personalised darts shirt will help you stand out from the crowd, feel confident and show your competitors that you mean business! Play for a darts team? Kit out your teammates in matching darts shirts to help you all look the part and to show your support for each other. If you play darts with your family, why not go with darts shirts personalised to mean something to you and your loved ones, or maybe your family want to have something similar together.

Our printing team uses state of the art industrial printers and the highest quality thermal transfers to deliver high definition printing on a range of surfaces. Make it your own with our bespoke personalised service at Darts Corner!

Answers to commonly asked questions about darts shirt personalisation

We can print any image onto your darts shirt, if it is not trademarked, and the quality (file size and resolution) is sufficient enough for printing. As a simple guide, view the image at twice the size it will be when printed; if the image is pixilated (showing little squares at the edges) or fuzzy then it won’t look great when printed, so you’ll need a better-quality image. Files must be uploaded in a .JPG or .PNG format and must not exceed 5MB in size.

The positioning of text on our personalised shirts and how many lines of text can be printed is shown in the area where you add your text. We apply your text in the way our experienced print team thinks looks best. If your preferred position of printing on the shirt is not listed then contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

We only personalise new items purchased from us. For hygiene reasons we do not personalise customers’ own items or items that have been purchased previously.

Looking for more personalised darts equipment?

We are a specialist in personalised darts equipment and have a huge range of products you can customise. Our personalised darts service allows you to engrave any text on the darts barrels. In our personalised section you can also create your own personalised stems, personalised flights, personalised surrounds and much more. Why not also check out our selection of darts shirts, which ranges from replica player shirts to ones you can personalise with your own nickname and team name.


Got a question about our custom darts shirts service? Contact us here to speak with one of our customer services team at Darts Corner who can help you with any queries relating to size, fit or material of the personalised dart shirts and any other additional questions you may have.

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