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Whether you’re playing a competitive game with your friends or keeping track of a game at a higher level, our darts scorers ensure your dart scores and results are tracked accurately. From electronic scoring systems to the traditional chalkboards and whiteboards, we have every type of dart scoreboard you could possibly need to keep a record of your darts scores and determine the true winner. Explore our full dart boards range and look through our great selection of dartboard accessories to improve your game!

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Different types of darts scoreboards available

There are different types of darts scorer available, from a fully automated and electronic darts scoreboard to the more traditional and long-lasting darts chalkboards and whiteboards solutions. A whiteboard is possibly a better value approach and is more suitable for the casual player who does not play very often.

Chalkboards use chalk which creates dust, but some people like the dust for keeping their dart-throwing hand dry! Whiteboards use marker pens, so are cleaner to use, but make sure you have a few spare marker pens, so you don’t run out mid-match! Check out our range of whiteboards and chalkboards here.

For beginners, the maths side of darts can sometimes make games take longer as you add and subtract the scores in your head; the maths is a big part of darts and is great for helping improve mental maths skills!

That said, an electronic dartboard scorer will do the work for you! Choosing an automated darts scoreboard is the ideal solution for keeping track of the scores in games with friends and family members and most importantly keeping them fun!

These type of dart scorers are simple to set up and are perfect for keeping track of your scores. For the more serious players, some of these darts score boards also have an option to play against the computer so you can test yourself in practice even if you’re on your own.

Electronic Scoreboards

Improve your darts setup at home or in the pub with an electronic scoreboard to help keep score of your matches accurately. Whether it’s a friendly game against your friends or a competitive fixture for your darts team, an electronic dartboard scorer will do the work for you in keeping track of the scores.

There are various types of electronic scorers available and they are all simple to set up and a perfect companion for your darts matches. Select which darts game you want to play (for example 501 or Cricket) and then enter the total scored after each throw and the scorer will instantly update with what you have remaining.

The KeyGlory Dartsmate 3 is a popular choice amongst players and features a revolutionary new design concept for dart scoring. The Dartsmate 3 displays the scores, legs and sets and also shows your per dart and per throw averages so you can track your progress during matches. This dart scorer also includes practice checkout and solo play modes, which will enhance your playing experience whilst practicing on your own.

Unsure about the darts score board to purchase for you or as a gift for a loved one? Contact us and speak to one of our expert customer services team who can help you with any concerns about specific functionality dart board scoreboard questions or anything relating to delivery or returns.

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Darts Scorers & Score Boards Darts Scorers & Score Boards