Personalised Dartboard Surrounds

Make a statement with your very own personalised dartboard surround to protect the area around your board. Choose the colour, design, and style you want along with the specific text to appear at the top and bottom of your customised surround so that it is personal to you. We are a specialist darts store and offer a wide range of customised items, so why not team your surround with a personalised dartboard?

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Why choose a personalised dartboard surround?

Dartboard surrounds protect the area around your dartboard, but a personalised dart surround will instantly make your darts setup more unique and interesting. With space to add text at both the top and bottom, there is a lot you can say on your surround. Our bespoke personalisation means you could display your name, darts nickname, the name of your darts team or local pub, or even the name of the event or league you are using the surround for.

You can even customise your surround to show support for your favourite football team or incorporate the colours of your country. Our personalised dartboard surrounds are ideal for any location, from playing at home and wanting to put a stamp on your own darts setup, to kitting out your darts team’s equipment in your local and giving their setup its own identity. A personalised dartboard surround would make for the perfect gift for the darts fan in your family.

Answers to commonly asked questions about darts surround personalisation

We can print one line of text at the top and bottom of a darts surround. Each line of text can go up to a specific number of characters, so when you click ‘personalise’ you can enter your chosen text to see if it will fit on the surround.

We are able to personalise surrounds in different languages other than English. We can print text in other languages on your surround, if the font you have selected carries your requested language.

We only personalise new items purchased from us. For printing quality reasons we do not personalise customers’ own items or items that have been purchased previously.

What options exist when personalising a darts setup?

Darts Corner are a specialist in personalised darts equipment and have a huge range of products you can customise. Choose one of our plain surrounds or a surround with a design or pattern on and customise it by adding the text of your choice at the top and bottom.

Complete your darts setup at home or in your local pub with a dartboard light from our complete range available. Pick up a darts light to make sure your new personalised surround is nice and clear for everyone to see!

To complete the look our personalised darts service allows you to engrave any text on the darts barrels. In our personalised section, you can also create your own personalised stems, personalised flights, personalised darts shirts and much more from our wide range of customisable products.


Do you have a question about our personalised dartboard surround service? Contact us to speak with one of our customer services team at Darts Corner who can help you with any queries you may have. If you have any other questions about personalising a surround then get in touch with us.

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