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Dartboard stands are perfect for players who want to play darts on-the-go, and with a professional setup, but can’t drill holes into their walls or want to easily move their board around the home. This wide range of dart board stands includes fully portable and lightweight options, as well as door hanging systems, from some of the leading brands in darts.

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There are many benefits to having a dartboard stand since darts is a great leisure activity, and it also means you will be able to practice on the go. Some of the brands that feature in this range, such as Mission, Unicorn and BULL’S, have manufactured innovative products to meet the needs of players for all abilities.

Darts on the go

A portable dartboard stand can be put up wherever you are. If you are on holiday and in a hotel room or going to visit a friend or a family member, you can bring a stand and dartboard with you and be playing darts in no time at all.

Dart board stands are made of lightweight materials, so if you are often travelling around you can easily take the stand with you and set up your board wherever you are. Using a dartboard stand set is suitable for all ages and skills, from beginners to professionals, and makes playing darts away from home easy to do.

Adjustable & Versatile

A dartboard stand can be combined with other equipment like a darts mat and a dartboard surround to create an on the go setup. A stand is the perfect solution for when you want to play darts but can’t or don’t want to drill into walls.

You can also adjust the height of the dartboard on a stand. This is particularly useful for younger players who are being introduced to darts so that they can play with the board at a lower height. This makes a darts stand more flexible than the traditional on-the-wall setup, as there is no need to mark out the new height and drill in more holes. 

A dart board stand also produces less noise than a board which hangs on the wall. The usual thumping noise made when a dart hits the board is absorbed by the legs of the darts stand, resulting in a less noisy playing experience. 

What to look out for when buying a dartboard stand

The dart board stands in this range have several common features, including being quick and easy to assemble, and having the option to adjust the height.

One of the most popular darts stands at Darts Corner is the Mission RotaPro Travel Stand. Featuring a revolutionary bracketing system which fits quickly to your dartboard via only one screw, this stand can be assembled or dismantled in under a minute and will give you the highest level of stability for your dartboard. 

Watch the video below for a guide on how to set up the RotaPro Travel Stand.

If you are a player who regularly travels to play in tournaments and stay in hotels, then the Unicorn On Tour Door Hanging System is a strong choice to go for. It is a quick and portable solution for practicing away from the venue and a door hanger is the best option for setting up a dartboard in your hotel room or apartment.  

The Bull’s Vibex H Mobile Travel Stand For Soft Tip Dartboards is one of the unique options on the market in that it caters specifically for soft tip boards. This stand includes a newly developed mount which has been made solely for electronic dartboards

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