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Our collection of home dart centres includes everything you need to get throwing with options available from many of the well-established brands such as Mission, Unicorn and Shot. There are different setups available in this range, so you will find a home darts centre on this page that will get you playing darts in no time!

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A home dart centre will typically include a dartboard with a cabinet and two sets of darts, providing you with an all-in-one solution so you can start playing straight away. One of these kits makes life easier as you will have all of the necessary equipment to experience the game at its best!

Dart Board with Cabinet Set Ups

Many of the home darts centres on this page will come with a dartboard in a cabinet, along with two sets of darts and a scoreboard to keep track of your scores. The Mission Home Darts Centre is a popular choice from this range and includes a Mission Apollo dartboard. This board has a staple-free bullseye to reduce the risk of your darts falling out.

The Shot Michael Smith Dartboard Cabinet Set is another best-seller in this collection. A quality bristle dartboard is essential to a good darts setup, and this professional darts set comes with a board made with vibrant, long-lasting colours and a removable number ring, so you can easily rotate the board to make it last longer. Choosing a dartboard with cabinet set also provides you with good storage space inside the cabinet to store and organise your most important equipment.

Protecting Your Space

Some of the home darts centres in this range come complete with a dartboard surround instead of a cabinet. The Unicorn Striker Home Darts Centre is one of our favourites as you have a choice of three different colours for your surround, which is made of strong EVA material and protects your wall from any stray darts that miss the target. This set also includes a Unicorn Striker dartboard, two sets of darts, an oche tape measure and a checkouts poster to help you learn your finishes.

The Bullseye Home Darts Centre is another popular choice if you want to add some nostalgia and fun to your darts setup at home. This set is part of our officially licensed Bullseye range and comes with a dartboard, surround, two sets of darts and a throwline oche.

Building out the Ultimate Dart Space

You can build out the ultimate dart space with a home dart centre and some other products to create the best experience when playing at home. It is important to have good visibility on your board, so take a look at our selection of dartboard lighting to give you the best view of your board.

Our darts mats collection will also improve your setup at home, as they will give you an accurate throw line to make sure you are throwing from the correct distance. One of these mats will keep every game of darts fair when you step up to play your friends and family.

Read our ‘How To Create The Ultimate Home Darts Setup’ blog to see how you can develop your own darts den at home.


Got a question about home darts centres? Use our contact us page to speak with our customer services team, who can help if you are unsure on the most suitable home darts centre for your needs. If you are buying a dartboard set as a gift, our team can help with any queries you might have. Check out our dartboards and steel tip darts collections to see our full range available at Darts Corner.

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