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Condor Darts combine modern innovation with traditional darts playing to create premium products for players of all abilities. Their unique all-in-one unibody flight system provides a stress-free flight and shaft in one, which helps players to concentrate on their performance, as you will not have to worry about your flights and shafts separating during play. Increase your accuracy and up your skills with our Condor darts range.

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About Condor Darts 

Based in Japan, Condor Darts made a name for themselves on the darts market with the innovative Condor integrated dart flight system. Condor’s collection of dart stem and flight combinations is a premium range, suitable for players of all ages and abilities.  

Condor’s sponsored players include 2020 Grand Slam of Darts champion Jose De Sousa, South African number one Devon Petersen and Canada’s top star Matt Campbell. They also have a strong contingent of players signed up to their brand from all around the world, including talent from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, USA and Japan.  

About Condor’s all-in-one unibody flight system 

Condor’s all-in-one unibody flight system ensures that there is no shaft and flight separation during play. The integrated darts flights and stems provides a ‘zero stress’ setup and along with the premium materials used makes this option more durable than many alternative brand’s flights and stems.

A Condor all-in-one flight is lighter than the combined weight of a separate shaft and flight put together which will help reduce the air resistance when the dart flies through the air. A more serious dart player could benefit from using Condor all-in-one flights as they also allow for closer grouping in the trebles. This option is at the higher price bracket. If you are a casual player, you are probably better off purchasing flights and stems separately at a lower price. 

Popular Condor Collections 

Our Condor Flights collection is one of our most popular ranges and showcases a wide selection of different colours and designs to choose from. The Condor Axe range offers unprecedented elasticity and durability, with the integrated one-piece stem and flight system giving players superior balance and precision while they are throwing at the oche. 

The Condor Zero Stress collection is another popular choice for players, with the all-in-one flight system crafted from lightweight materials and featuring an aerodynamic design to help elevate your game. These flights are available in a vast range of shapes, colours and patterns to cater for all tastes. 


Any questions about our Condor Darts range and their all-in-one flight system? Our friendly customer services team are always on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions about delivery and returns. Get in touch by using our contact us page. 

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