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Pick your favourite out of our Dynasty Darts range and find top-quality options of steel tip darts and soft tip darts that are perfect for all abilities. The Japanese manufacturer provides players with precision-made darts and equipment to help enhance their performance and has worked with some of the top darts stars including Fallon Sherrock!

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Collection :Dynasty Darts

The Dynasty Darts collection includes a range of darts in either steel tip or soft tip, with the Japanese brand specialising in producing darts with clean and sleek designs. Based in Tokyo, Dynasty have been making darts since 2009, with Darts Corner stocking a wide selection of their darts in 80% tungsten, 90% tungsten and 95% tungsten.

This range of darts from Dynasty looks great and are also durable too with various designs and finishes available to suit the preference of every player. Each set comes complete with Dynasty flights and shafts so you are ready to start playing straight away.

Dynasty Darts: Steel Tip

The Dynasty Darts Steel Tip range comes in various weights, materials, shapes and finishes meaning there will be something that fits the style of every player. The Dynasty Darts Fallon Sherrock DLC Black Titanium is one of our most popular steel tip sets from this page, with these being made from a premium 95% tungsten they are very durable and will last a long time.

With lots of different barrel shapes and grip styles to choose from if you are not sure what dart is right for you, check out our ‘Darts Barrels and Material’ blog for some more information on all of the options available.

Soft Tips by Dynasty

Dynasty’s soft tip darts collection is suitable for players who are using an electronic dartboard. Like the steel tip range, these darts are also available in different weights and styles, with the weight of darts ranging from 16g to 23g and options in various grip styles and barrel shapes to cater for the preferences of every player.

The Dynasty Darts Black Line Premium No. 5 Corsair Dart is one of our favourites from this range. This dart is made from 90% tungsten and features a black titanium coating on the barrels to make them visually stand out. Darts Corner carries a large range of soft tip darts from established brands like Dynasty and many more with hundreds of sets to pick from.

Player Ranges

The Japanese darts brand Dynasty has collaborated with many notable players including Fallon Sherrock, who made history as the first female player to win a match in the PDC World Darts Championship. The ‘Queen of the Palace’ currently uses the Dynasty A Flow Black Line Fallon Sherrock Natural Darts in a 23g weight. This set is made of a premium 95% tungsten material and has a torpedo shaped design on the barrels, which have been designed specifically to her own personal requirements.

The other player ranges in the Dynasty Darts collection includes Berry van Peer, Larry Butler and Michael Unterbuchner.

Got a question about our Dynasty Darts collection? Use our contact us page to get in touch with our customer services team at Darts Corner. Our team can help answer any queries about the products in this range if you are unsure what to purchase and they can also assist with any questions relating to delivery and returns.

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