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Our Galaxy Darts collection has a comprehensive selection of steel tip and soft tip professional-quality darts. The American darts brand has collaborated with many notable players including Canadian PDC star Matt Campbell and multi-time women’s world champion Anastasia Dobromyslova. Shop your favourite signature player darts from Galaxy as well as all the rest of their innovative and eye-catching darts here!

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Collection :Galaxy Darts

Galaxy make darts for everyone with a wide array of stunning darts to choose from that can suit players of all levels. Combining quality materials with innovative designs, the darts in this range meet the high standards that players have come to expect.

Based in Illinois, the American brand has a variety of different barrel designs available, including the Galaxy Black Abyss Darts, which would work best for players who prefer a smooth dart with very little grip on the barrel. At the other end of the grip scale, the Galaxy AR-15 Darts are the ideal choice for players who like lots of grip on their darts, with this set featuring a razor grip.

Galaxy Darts – Steel Tip

The range of steel tip darts from Galaxy come in different weights, materials and unique designs. Each set in this collection has been carefully crafted to give the perfect balance and control, helping players to throw with more precision at the oche.

The darts Matt Campbell uses are the Galaxy Matt Campbell v3 Darts. This is the set that helped the Canadian PDC star reach the third round of the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship. Made from 90% tungsten, these straight barrel darts include a fully ringed black titanium coated barrel. The grooves on the barrels have been coloured blue to enhance the overall look of the dart and comes with a set of Galaxy shafts and flights.

The Galaxy Alex Spellman Blue Rings Steel Tip Darts is another popular set from Galaxy’s players range. Alex Spellman’s signature darts are also made from 90% tungsten and feature single and dual ring cuts on the barrels, which have been enhanced by a blue coating to make them really stand out. The design of these barrels will fit any style of grip and throw and comes in a weight of 22g.

Galaxy Darts – Soft Tip

Galaxy’s soft tip darts collection also comes in a variety of weights and unique designs, with many of the steel tip darts also available in soft tip to cater for players who prefer this type of darts. The Galaxy AR-15 Darts is one of our favourites from this range, being made of 90% tungsten and featuring a black titanium coating on the barrels. The Galaxy Alex Spellman Blue Rings Soft Tip Darts is an eye-catching dart from this selection, with the blue rings on the barrels making it a visually appealing dart to throw with.

Soft tip darts should be thrown at a soft tip dartboard, as the points on a soft tip dart are made of a plastic material and will stick into the pre-moulded holes on the board.


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