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McCoy is a classic darts brand that specialises in clean and minimalist designs of the highest quality. These simple and elegant designs are packed with outstanding engineering and technical know-how. This collection includes steel tip and soft tip darts and flights, with McCoy the perfect choice for players who care about the details and for those who like a little refinement!

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Collection :McCoy Darts

Steel Tip McCoy Darts

The steel tip McCoy darts range offers wallet-friendly prices for players, but at the same time in return you will receive a great value set of darts. McCoy darts come in a variety of weights to ensure there is something for everyone.

The McCoy Stealth darts, available in black and silver, is one of the most popular sets in their range. The Stealth dart is unlike any other dart available for performance, grip and flight trajectory, with its unique ring configuration taken from the brand’s famous ring grip darts and their unique position on the barrel offering the perfect balance.

The McCoy Sabergrip darts is another best seller in this collection and includes enhanced shark cut profile rings on the barrels to give players excellent grip. The Sabergrip is available in silver, black or gold and all in a 90% tungsten barrel.

Soft Tip McCoy Darts

McCoy’s offering of soft tip darts includes plenty of options to choose from in different styles and weights to cater for the preferences of every player. The McCoy Shark darts are the ideal choice for players who like a lot of grip with their darts. This set of 90% tungsten darts offers extreme grip on the barrels so you’ll be able to get a firm grip on the darts when you’re playing in a match or in practice at home.

Another popular soft tip dart in this range is the McCoy Thrust darts. This is a unique dart with the barrels featuring a bull nose and beautiful rear taper, along with lots of grippy rings in the centre of the barrel. Complete your soft tip darts setup at home with one of the soft tip dartboards available at Darts Corner.

McCoy Dart Flights

The collection of McCoy dart flights on this page will have something for every player. A dart flight is an important part of the dart as they are what will help it fly through the air and reach the dartboard. The darts flights you use will keep the dart stable and straight in the air but will also have an impact on your performance too.

Dart flights come in different shapes and weights which will affect how your dart travels in the air. McCoy carries a variety of sizes, including in standard no. 2, pear and kite, and in different colours and styles to help you elevate your performance.


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