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Looking for something that will get your friends and family into the competitive spirit on nights in? A dartboard doesn’t take up much space and you can have hours of fun playing different games. Check out our high-quality range of dartboards to find the perfect dart board for home, club or professional use. From the highest quality Sisal bristle dartboards to training dartboards, soft tip and starter dartboard sets, Darts Corner stocks a selection of boards in a range of designs, including the top brands and at multiple price points, and suitable for all levels of play. Complete your darts setup with a stand, dartboard lighting, cabinet, one of our dartboard surrounds, and much more available in our full selection of darts accessories.

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How do I choose a dartboard?

There are two different types of dartboards to cater for the two versions of darts. Bristle dart boards are used for steel tip darts and electronic (soft tip) dart boards are used for soft tip darts.

Bristle dartboards is the more traditional dartboard, being used by a wide range of abilities, from casual games at home to pub teams to tournaments by the world’s best players on television. The pros of steel tip dart boards are that the Sisal material they are made from makes them more reliable and last longer. The quality of the material is the main reason for the difference in prices.

The top brands of steel tip dart boards includes Mission, Unicorn and Viper, and come in various wiring designs, such as tri-wire boards. The professional dartboards range are made with staple-free construction, which means there are no staples in the board. With no staples getting in the way this means less darts will fall out of the board. A staple-free board is the ideal choice for the more serious players that are looking to improve their game.

Electronic dartboards are a safer option and is more family friendly. The dart points in soft tip are made of plastic, which makes this type of dartboard more suitable for younger players compared to the steel tip version that uses sharp steel points for the darts. The pros of a soft tip dartboard include being able to log in online and play many different games against other players from around the world. Most soft tip boards will also come with a built-in scoreboard and will do all of the scoring for you.

Check out our dartboard buying guide to help find the perfect dartboard for you.

How much should I spend on a dart board?

We have hundreds of darts boards for sale and prices vary depending on the brand, material (usually Sisal) and the durability of the board. A beginner who might only play casually at home might look for a less-expensive dart board, while a serious player would look for a board that meets the competition standard criteria. More expensive dartboards will provide you with a better playing experience and will last longer, so we advise you to choose the best board you can.

Why are dartboards so expensive?

The more expensive dartboards will be more durable and last longer as they will be made from the highest quality Sisal. The modern steel tip dartboards are also made without staples across the wires, which means the less chance your darts will fall out of the board and you are less likely to damage your darts. Choosing a standard dartboard that does include staples will be a cheaper option and might be a better choice for the more casual player who is only playing for fun rather than in serious competition.

Read our how to care for your dartboard blog for some useful tips on how to look after your board and make sure it lasts for a long time.

Personalise your dart board for a bespoke feel

Darts Corner’s personalised range includes a personalised dart board for those looking for a more fun or bespoke option. Take one of our professional competition-quality boards and customise it with the wording of your choice across the top and bottom of the board. A personalised board would look great in your pub, club or man cave and will be unique to your darts setup! Playing on your own personalised board with “Andy’s Man Cave” written on it would look cool in your darts den and your mates will then want to get their own one too!


If you are unsure about which darts board is right for your style or level of play, then contact us and speak to our customer services team. We can help with any information you might need about returns or delivery, as well as any queries about buying a dartboard as a gift for a loved one.

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