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Soft tip darts are used on soft tip dartboards and are a safer and more family friendly option to play a fun game of darts! A soft tip dart has a flexible plastic tip that you throw at a soft tip board, which is made of robust plastic materials with pre-moulded holes. Soft tip darts are used by players of all ages, with the plastic points making it an ideal introduction for youngsters to the world of darts. In many Asian countries, soft tip darts is the most popular type of darts to play. Darts Corner carries a huge range of soft tipped darts suitable for players of all levels and in different sizes, grips and colours.

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What are the soft tipped darts?

Soft tips are widely used around the world in the game of darts when playing on a soft tip dartboard. A soft tip dart is usually made up of four components: point, barrel, stem and flight. The point is made of a plastic material, which is different from steel tip darts. In steel tip darts, the points are made of steel and games are played on a bristle (Sisal) dartboard. The plastic points in soft tip are much safer than the sharp points used in steel tip and using these mean you won’t damage your walls or floor when playing. Young children should still be supervised as the darts still have points on the end of them.

In soft tip, there are electronic and non-electronic dartboard options that can help you improve your game. An electronic dartboard can keep track of every score to follow your progress both in practice games on your own and during games with your friends and family. With some boards you can even go online and play many different games against other players (or family) from around the world.

Pros and cons of soft tip darts

There are many pros when it comes to choosing soft tip darts as your preferred darts game of choice. Using an electronic dartboard to play soft tip darts can be the perfect introduction to the exciting world of darts as most of them will do the counting for you. The automated scoring system takes away the tricky maths part and is ideal for beginners who are just starting out on their darts journey!

You can play soft-tip darts with people online, which is great for playing remotely with friends and family, and for playing other soft-tip players to practice with and improve your game!

Soft tip darts can break more easily than steel tip darts, because of the plastic material used compared to steel, but when it comes to stocking up on soft tip accessories, such as replacement soft tip points, you will find plenty of value for your money. You can top up on plastic points to ensure you are never short of spares and can play for longer.

While you are unable to throw with steel tip darts on a soft tip board, it is possible to play with your soft tip darts on a steel tip board. The soft tip points will also cause less damage to the Sisal on a bristle dartboard, so using these darts will make your board last longer.

Who are soft tipped darts suitable for?

Soft tip can be enjoyed by all ages and in some parts of the world, including in Asia and North America, it is a very popular game. In these countries there are professional tournaments held and PDC players will often be seen switching their darts between steel tip and soft tip to play in them.

The Mission Kuro soft tip darts are an example of one of our best soft tip darts available, while we also sell professional soft tip darts for many players including Michael Smith, Gary Anderson and Josh Rock!

Soft tip darts is the ideal choice for families with young children, as well as new and casual players, as the plastic points mean you are less likely to cause an injury or damage your surroundings. The automatic scoring on electronic soft tip boards also means you can easily keep track of your scores without having to do the maths yourself!


Need some help choosing your set of soft tip darts? Check out our how to find the perfect darts for you blog for some useful pointers on picking your new arrows. We also have a what are soft tip darts guide which offers more information about soft tip darts.

Still unsure on what darts to buy? Take a look at our Top 10 Soft Tip Darts page for our hand-picked favourite darts on our site. We also have a customer services team who can help you with any other queries you may have relating to soft tip darts. Contact us using this form on the website to get in touch with the Darts Corner team.

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